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why do i keep having relapses???

hi everybody, im just after a bit of advice really!! ive suffered with anxiety for nearly 3 years now, im a lot better now than when i first started with it as i take prescribed medication for it but ive noticed the past couple of weeks that it seems to be returning?! i feel constantly sick, on edge etc, it really gets me down, i actually thought i was making some progress so cant understand this? just wondered if any of u guys have experienced this and whether it will go again or whether its a sign that my medication is not working like it used 2?? any feedback would be greatly appreciated, thanks xx

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Hi ya and welcome to the site.

You've done the right thing by coming here,you.ll find so many helpful friendly people that will really try to help.

Obviously I cannot say whether your medication is working or not but what I can say is that my anxiety has a mind of its own.

For the last three days I have felt my mood lifting and I was getting my sense of humour back.

Today I have woken up,scared....anxious......and apprehensive.

BAH! to anxiety



thanks for your reply! anxiety has got to be 1 of the worst things ever, i wouldnt wish it on my worst enemy! how long have you suffered with it? and have you tried any treatments that have worked for you? ive read up so much about the condition and i know that its myself thats making me feel the way i do, yet its so hard to turn it around? anxiety is a condition that im not sure i will ever fully understand, hope your feeling better soon xx


hello kailajade,

I am afraid that I am an old timer.I have suffered from anxiety,mainly health anxiety on and off for nearly 50 years.

But don't let that put you off.Things have changed since my medication...Dosulpin..... and there are lots of new treatments for anxiety.

I have read many stories on here where with counselling and with or without tablets people have greatly improved their lives.

I am sure that you will be offered lots more good advice very soon.


Like grogboy I've suffered with health anxiety for many years - and I've had years more-or-less anxiety free.

It comes and goes as it pleases I'm afraid to say. I had councilling in the mid 1990's which helped me understand where it was coming from.


Hi ive suffered anxiety over a yr now. I have suffered health anxiety alot longer. Ive been on medication for just over a yr, and i have gone from having a few anxiety attacks a day to very rare and not as bad. The medication as helped me alot. I can have brilliant wks then bam its there with me. Xxx


Hi Kaila,

I know how it feels to be scared.

You say you are on medication, what therapy did you get along with the meds? as it is that therapy that will help you cope with the anxiety, all the meds will do at best is calm the symptoms a little.

Wishing you well




hi and thanks everybody that has replied, i havnt tried any therapy, im currently on a waiting list for cbt but still not heard anyway, been 2 see a counsellor for the first time today, not sure if i will be going again as i had pay for it and would struggle to do this all the time with being a single mum, judging by how it went im not sure whether it would work for me as she was asking me questions i couldnt answer! just keeping my fingers crossed i hear off cbt soon, thanks again for your replies guys xx


Im currently lapsing too, I feel happy that I havn't been near medication but thats not to say i wouldn't consider it. The reasons for my lapse is likely stress and the end of my 5 year university journey. From my experience stress is a massive trigger, having children single or couple is often stressful. I cbt depends on the individual, I think I got a little from it it depends on root cause tho...I remember wanting to give my therapist a hefty punch when she said 'get on the bus anyway...if you are sick so what' yes my rational brain says so what too, but my irrational brain said I'd rather

Good Luck


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