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Does anybody else have this sensation/feeling?its like im swaying or rocking and notice it more when im sitting still and when i walk feel unbalanced ,motion makes it worse aswell if i go out in the car its awful.Dont know what to do?Ive tried breathing but im just too anxious

and my chest is so tight feels like i cant breathe.Im feeling like im never going to get better its one symptom after another and im going out and do little things.Is it cos im challenging it its making me feel worse?

claire x

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Hi Clare. I am sorry I can't help in any way but the things you said is exactly how I feel to and it makes life difficult to go out and do things. I suffer from GAD & BPD and depression as well so as I said life is hard. I hope some one will give you an answer that help Take care Margaret c


Yes, quite often I get the swaying thing like I'm on a ship as I walk along or ride in a car.

I think it's muscle tension in my neck.

It first started after I got whiplash from the car breaking violently I was a passenger in and my head jerking back the forward very hard.


Yeh I get this a lot its scares me a lot sometimes if I'm walking it starts and feel like I'm gonna fall over and my breathing gets tight everyday lately I worry it'll get rly bad that i cnt breathe I'm constantly anxious bout my health it gets me down like I cut my foot slightly on door n worried bout tetanus or feel dizzy and worry something serious is wrong I also have ocd I feel trapped and like I have no life I jus wish all this anxiety would stop its been a lot worse past two weeks


Unsteadiness - anxiety symptoms

Unsteadiness: You feel suddenly unsteady, light-headed, woozy or dizzy. This is sometimes accompanied by a feeling that you might faint or pass out. It also may feel as though you are walking on a boat, or that the floor seems to move up and down and it's hard to balance. You may also have difficulty placing your feet because your perception of the ground or floor may be incorrect. In some cases it may seem that even though you are standing on a firm floor, the floor may be vibrating or moving.

Unsteadiness, dizziness, feeling dizzy or light-headed are common symptoms of stress, fear, and anxiety. Unfortunately, doctors often misdiagnose stress- and anxiety-related unsteadiness as a symptom of Vertigo or Meniere's Disease.

Stress and anxiety caused unsteadiness should NOT be considered as a serious problem. In fact, there are many natural and practical things you can do to eliminate unsteadiness. It should, however, motivate you to better understand stress and anxiety, and to take proactive action to better manage these in your life, since prolonged stress and anxiety contribute to more serious health conditions if left untreated.

.,,,,,,,,Hi I found this on a website relating to symptoms of anxiety,so it is just a symptom,unpleasant as it is,but nothing to be overly worried about,easier said than done when you suffer from the anxiety we do,are you seeking professional help in any way,if not i would advise you see your doctor to get the help you need,good luck

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My son has different pattern of bad time.

Since 10yeard he not well and he does not want medicine.

He gets anxiety and feel worthless. He just went to cut his hair and cut his bear.

He think it is because of his nose. He says he broke his nose and now he looks different.

He start taking Fluxtrine now. Any thingy he wants to do he never complete.

How I can help him naturally.



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