I have a little issue here dont know what might be going on but check this out

Soo lately i could get up from bed or from sitting down and soon as i get up its like its hard to breath but when im sitting down or laying down im calm breathing its really wierd like a few minutes ago i was going up the stairs and i could feel like my breathing is forcing then i take deep breath and breath out then it goes away idk its like im holding my breath probably with out even knowing thats why its so difficult plus i can feel my heart forcing to beat fast but instead it beats hard but slow its really a strange feeling dont know what can it be if the docters say my heart is fine


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  • Hey Johnnie, I know exactly how you feel because I get the same feeling, it got to the point that I would feel like something was horribly wrong with me, I would rush to the hospital only for them to say I'm fine, I even when to see a heart doctor and I had a stress test done and an ultrasound of my heart and the end result was that everything was fine, I guess it's just my anxiety which can come in many different ways and signs and I guess everyone is different and will experience different symptoms.

  • Yeah its crazy feel i think something really wrong with me even doe all this started with smoking weed after that it changed i feel different now been to the hospital like 7 times been like this for four months i saw a cardiologist did stress test ran on a trim mill , echo , 7 day hesrt monitor aswell idk but he did tell me i have a little bit of arrythmia but not a dangerous one he didnt even get me no meds but the hospital the ER Did give me beta blockers but idk i feel wierd i feel sick and something just wrong with me and they just saying everything is fine to get rid of me i just dont want to wait till something happens then they say okay we found the problem you know it worries me alot i been good but evertime all this comes its just hits me hard and i fught it but i can tell my body is tierd of it i got body pain dometimes chest pains that makes me think soon or later ama have a heart attack and rapid heart beats . but hope fully soon or later this goes away and yours too 💯🙌🏻

  • Yes I hope so, I think we just worry to much and when we worry it causes stress which can affect us in every way, physically, and emotionally, I can't even began to tell you how thick my hospital chart is because every time I feel the slightest pain in my chest, I run to the ER, and they do all kinds of test and blood work and then say everything is fine. Even still I still run to the ER whenever I feel something is wrong, I guess it's just a feeling that we have.

  • yeah i had a habbit like that but now i try to just chill and relax it could be really strong i take it then jt goes away out no where

  • Awww, the things we go through in life, especially when anxiety plays a big part because it gets tough sometimes.

  • yeah idk sometimes i say like how does your mind does these things mean while your not thinking about anything about your body

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