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Like a coiled spring

Hi started on my new antideps sat only problem keep waking up in the night so sat /sun felt quite good my husband was home last three days a little more anxious went out yesterday with my daughter had a lovely day but constantly got that edgy feeling obviously the anxiety this morning feel more anxious on my own today so probably thinking about it to much I'm changing from citalopram to Cymbalta and have diazepam if anxiety to much so I'm still crossing over just hate that feeling like something is going to happen (anxiety) plus my daughters first baby is due on the 18th august so a nanny for the first time anyway love to all meadow xxxx

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Im the same if im alone I think way to much about my anxiety and it makes me worse and because im alone quite alot this happens often, i have started giving myself little tasks to do in the day to try and stop me thinking too much about anxiety, generally house jobs, coming on here once a day for a chat, I do read alot again now which helps me (providing you got a good book :0) some rubbish out there isnt there). Have you tried all the usual stuff for helping with sleep, like avioding caffine a few hours before bed, having a bath, sitting in a dimly lit room ect sort of preparing yourself naturally for sleep?

Oh I had CBT a few times and I have found that when anxious thoughts pop into my head if I write it down so i can see the thought it makes it easier for me to challenge and deal with.

I write down the problem, then at the side of this write down my ideas of what could possibly happen and then challenge that and i write reasons why my ideas possibly wont happen.....oh bugger i dont think that makes sense hope you know what i mean lol I do then get rid of the piece of paper and start a fresh one when the next anxiety problem comes (I buy lots of paper haha) because for me keeping them gives me something to re read and stress about.

By the way congrats on soon becoming a nanny :0)


Thanku caz27 good ideas thanks again x


Any time Meadow :)


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