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Feel like I’ve had enough 😞


Hello all! I hope you’re all having a great day!

I really don’t know how much more I can take right now. Had a day off of work today because our boiler packed up so had to wait in for the engineer to replace it. Got a message from one of my work colleagues basically making me feel bad for it and like I was the worst person in the world. It sent my anxiety spiralling and I was on the verge of a panic attack, broke down in tears and felt exhausted and mentally drained after 😞 on top of that, they’re always making fun of me in work, and calling me thick and threatening to smack me if I say something that they think is silly and then saying I make them feel suicidal 😞 they don’t understand that I’m not thick at all and that my anxiety causes me reduced cognitive function 😞 I really have had enough of being the butt of their jokes and snide remarks 😥 I really don’t know what to do anymore. I always say treat people the way you wish to be treated so I’m always kind to people and try to give people what I can and help out where I can, so why am I not treated with the same respect I extend to others? Is it me or is it just them being really nasty?

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Some people can be so mean and rude! Everyone is different or going through rough times nobody knows what your going through. Keep your chin up and continue being nice even to rude people

Whyus in reply to jamie1975

I agree with janie1975, don’t change the wonderful person you are for rude heartless people. Don’t let them in your head, if they don’t see a reaction hopefully they’ll get bored and stop. Remember you’re beautiful and kind❤️🙏🏽

Cs131193 in reply to Whyus

Thank you for your reply Whyus, i just feel like in a minute I’m going to be pushed over the edge by them, I don’t understand why people can be so nasty and Show little empathy to people like us 😞

Cs131193 in reply to jamie1975

jamie1975, thank you for your reply, I’ve explained to them plenty of times about it, one of them has a son who suffers depression so I thought she’d have more empathy than she does, I enjoy my job but recently they’ve made me begin to dread going 😞

I've been reading your posts and I see you are going through ALOT.

I will pray for you.

U will be fine.

Your a good girl and a strong person.

Stay positive each day.

Fight onn 👊💪👌

Cs131193 in reply to AMIGOMAN

Thank you for your reply AMIGOMAN, you’re kind words mean a lot, thank you for praying for me, I will take each day as it comes and hopefully one day beat this anxiety and come out stronger and healthier than before 🙂

Ohh Hiya ,

Thanks for the thank you message Cs131193 ! X X

YOU ARE very welcome x x

I know that you definitely can and will come out off this feeling a lot better and stronger once they have understand what they need to be doing in order to achieve your goals.

I mean....... Everybody else is able to go inn and enjoy their own lives.... So why not you ??!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JUST concentrateon your own heath and trust me,

Once you have mastered the art of keeping yourself well. Then you will be very grateful for learning how to prioritise yourself 1st,

And the rest of the world 2nd !!!!!

Well done to you !!!

Keep up the good work !!!!!

I will pray for you, and I wish you get well + stay well, FOREVER !!!!!!!!!! Xxx

Cs131193 in reply to AMIGOMAN

Thank you AMIGOMAN 🙂

Yes fingers crossed I will learn to prioritise my health and stop trying to please everyone else 🙂

Thank you once again for your prayers!

I hope you are well! 🙂

AMIGOMAN in reply to Cs131193

Hey ya xx

Good stuff !!!

Glad to hear that !

JUST don't worry about NOTHING.


All this Anxiety and panic carry-onn,

Is just different hormone levels in the brain going up + down basically !!!!!

No worries at all.

YOU ARE very welcome.

Shout anytime you want.

Look after yourself and stay strong minded and positive XxX

You need to talk to manager or go above manager. That is absolutely wrong! They cannot treat you that way in the work place. It is most definitely illegal! You are too sweet! I would have told them how I felt the first time! If they said I made them suicidal I would ask them if they need help. If they threaten to smack you then dare them to do it or tell them you’re right there go ahead. IF they did which I highly doubt they would no longer work there. Problem solved. They have no right to treat you that one. It’s bullying at its worst. Stand up for yourself and tell your manager or above. Your family needs heat. If it was them they would do the same thing! Don’t let the words of disgusting people make you feel lower. Only your opinion matters but I’m sure it’s hard on you. Some of my advice is from anger. That’s so wrong and I’m sorry you are having to deal with that. You don’t deserve it at all! Please tell a manager or go above the manager. Sounds like they need some training in the workplace. ❤️ Rise above and do you!

Thank you hopeful-tinkerbell for your reply!

I wish I had the confidence to stand up for myself, I’ve always been one who avoids confrontation and conflict as best as I can and I struggle to deal with the situation.

They always talk about how they’re against bullying and I just sit there thinking to myself ‘well isn’t that exactly what you are?’

I believe in every dog has their day, just wish that day would come soon!

I hope you’re doing well 🙂

Thank you again for your reply 😁

I’m a grumpy sour puss! Lol. I too avoid confrontation at home and with most of my family. Mainly my husband the one I need to stand up to the most but since being here I have been doing that more. However people who don’t matter to me don’t get any slack. I understand you are taking the high road. I commend you for that. Truly! ❤️ At who’s expense though? If you allow that treatment it will never stop. You are making yourself sick. You are worth it! You are special! Certainly as special as them! Maybe you could write down your feelings as you so nicely word things. Then post it at work or simply give it to the boss. No confrontation just simply telling him how you feel or how you are being treated. Your performance will be worse if you are being abused. No one deserves that. In writing you won’t have the emotion or confrontation. I suggest giving it to your boss. You can’t continue this and be miserable forever. It’s not fair to you. I don’t confront my husband much but at work I’m quick to stand up for myself. I called my boss a liar. She truly was lying but when she did to me I quickly said, “you’re a liar!” I work to the best of my abilities due to my limitations and deserved to be treated with respect. I hate that they are doing this to you. I feel like a mama lion (regardless of our ages) wanting to defend her cub. I hope you can find a way to be comfortable at work. I’m so sorry they are doing this to you. I do agree that everyone will get what they deserve in life. You should get goodness!

I think that’s a really good idea, I haven’t thought about doing that 🙂 I think it’s a step in the right direction to getting them to stop 🙂 I do think I need to stand up for myself a bit more and be less of a door mat.

Thank you, I’m sure eventually I’ll get the goodness, I’ve just got to keep pushing through and tell myself every day that I am good enough 🙂

Thank you for your advice, I think I’ll have a sit down and right a letter explaining how I’m feeling later on 🙂

Send it to everyone or just your boss.

Cos that makes me so angry at those people with the rude mean comments. They’ll get theirs. It’s so refreshing that you are not going to change how you behave because of others behavior. You seem like an amazing person. Keep your head up. Sending positive vibes((((((

Cs131193 in reply to Starrlight

Thank you for your reply Starrlight 🙂

I just always remember that I am me and no one should ever expect me to change that, I was made to be who I am just as they were made to be who they are.

Thank you ☺️ your kind words mean a lot 😀it’s nice that there are people out there who aren’t judging me 🙂

I really like ya and that’s smart of you to point out that yes you were made to be you...and that is good!

Cs131193 in reply to Starrlight

Thank you Starrlight, I hope you’re well 🙂

Starrlight in reply to Cs131193

Hey Cs , hanging in there! Hope u r okay today.

Cs131193 in reply to Starrlight

I’m glad you are 🙂 if you ever have a bad day and need someone to talk to just drop me a message 🙂

Was feeling pretty awful this morning, had a driving lesson with a new instructor so was really anxious but now I’ve done it and I feel absolutely fine now 😁

Starrlight in reply to Cs131193

Yes let’s keep in touch. Thank you!!! I will drop you a message sometime. I’m glad you got the lesson done and are fine now...I need to drive to an appointment and having anxiety over it but it will be fine...

Cs131193 in reply to Starrlight

Definitely 🙂

Aww bless you! I hope it all goes well and you feel better soon 🙂

Starrlight in reply to Cs131193

Got there although car wouldn’t start at first and felt like it was going to stop and had to park in a strange spot so hoping I won’t get towed ... deep breathing...

Cs131193 in reply to Starrlight

Oh poo 😞 cars are so temperamental at the worst of times!

I hope everything went well? 😁

Starrlight in reply to Cs131193

Thanks all is well. How are you today?Sending positive vibes((((((

Cs131193 in reply to Starrlight

Brilliant! I’m glad it is 🙂

A little worse for wear due to a head cold but other than that I’m okay thank you 🙂

Positive vibes coming back your way too 😁

Starrlight in reply to Cs131193

Thanks! Rest and feel better soon! :)

Cs131193 in reply to Starrlight

You’re welcome 🙂

Thank you!

Hey ya !!!

Just wanted to say that I hope you are doing well Health-wise xx

Stay strong and positive !!

Wishing you all the best xx

Look after yourself and keep in touch.


Cs131193 in reply to AMIGOMAN


Health wise I’m ok, just feeling very anxious lately 😞 but I’ll bounce back, I always do 😁

I hope you’re well too 🙂

Hiya !!!!

Nice to hear from you again !!

Awww I'm sorry to hear u been feeling nervous.


There is nothing to feel nervous about !!!

U are an intelligent person who can do and achieve WHATEVER she wants to !

Good luck with tje driving lessons. U will fly through them, HONESTLY. They're easy.

Just stay in your lane + keep checking your mirrors. That's what the instructor is watching out for mainly.

He just needs to know that your looking both in front and behind the car, for your safety and other cars + pedestrians.

Keep your mind on pleasant hapoy memories when u think your about to get nervous. It ALWAYS chills you out !!!!!

Look after yourself and keep in touch.


Cs131193 in reply to AMIGOMAN

Thank you!

I hope you’re right 🙂 I’ve had lessons before but I decided to go with a different instructor because my old one was pretty bad so fingers crossed these lessons all go smoothly 🙂

You look after yourself too 😁

AMIGOMAN in reply to Cs131193

Thank you.

Good luck.

Hey !!!

Hope u are doing good XxX

Cs131193 in reply to AMIGOMAN


I’m not doing brilliantly to be honest with you! Having a few health issues as of late unfortunately but they’re referring me for further tests 🙂

How have you been?

Hiya !!!!

I'm so SORRY PRINCESS to hear that.

It will be nothing,

Trust me,

You'll get the all-clear and feel better xx

Me ??! LOL !!!!@

I've had a rough few weeks to be honest.

All in the INSOMNIA and Low-moods department mainly though.

I still get everything else done at home and keep it all rolling on the outside.

Just feel like pure crap because of tjese damn sleeping tablets from tje Doctors.

I cannot wait to get off these,

Then I'll be straight back into the gym and going at it, full-force with EVERYTHING !!!

But lately I've been feeling a bit low tbh !!!!

I hope you feel much better very soon X

Just shout me at anytime you want PRINCESS...

Talk soon......

U take care of yourself. 💙

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