I want to try CBT but I don't know where to turn or how to ask my GP. I'm worried that he'll just say that I have to go to the counsellor etc. I don't want to go to the counsellor again I hated her, I couldnt get along with her. I just want to control my thoughts a bit more so I'm not thinking so negatively. Haven't got another appointment with my GP til the 13th now and I just don't know what to do :S


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  • Hi not so long back the government rolled out a programme known as Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT), the aim being to increase access to more talking therapies including CBT your GP will know this and be able to refer you to IAPT services. GP's are a very hit and miss group, some are good some not so, I approach mine with the attitude that they are there to help me but I have a voice in what treatment I receive and I expect at least a half decent service. If you get no joy or feel uncomfortable challenging your GP or they say no write to them or the GP Practice Manager highlighting government drive to access talking therapies, the recognised benefits of CBT and how you feel it will help you. The chances are however that if you ask for CBT and explain why you think it will help, your GP will just make the referral. Good luck!!

  • Thank you for replying :) I'm going to mention it, I was meant to mention it when I went yesterday but I got all flustered and panicky and didn't feel comfortable asking :S x

  • I can't imagine they will say no but if they do feel free to get in touch and I can point you to a number of things that you can put in a letter. But they won't say no because you'll be positive and strong and get what you want :)

  • Thank you, I will keep my blog updated on how it goes. :)

  • Hope you get to do CBT it is helpful.. As my memory is bad I kept my notes and refer to them to remind me what to do when I feel very anxious.. Good luck x

  • That sounds like a great idea cos when I get anxious and upset my mind goes blank. Thank you x

  • Hi Chloefer, I had CBT through Anxiety UK and basically referred myself... I told my doctor rather than let him tell me!! Ok my GP is fairly supportive and OK you have to pay to use Anxiety UK's therapy but it certainly benefitted me and may be worth considering? AUK helpline would probably be able to give some advice too. Hope it all goes well :)

  • Hi. F_Shadow is right. Anxiety UK can arrange CBT counselling for you. Give them a ring and they will be able to help. Good luck


  • Hi Chloefer. When I asked my GP about the possibility of CBT, he made the referral with indecent haste.

    I got the impression he was relieved to see the back of me!

  • I tried CBT stage 2 and did this for six weeks. I thought, at first, that it was not going to work for me, but after six weeks I found my anxiety levels were a lot lower and although not gone, the way I think has completely changed. I now do not over think everything, which is what I have a tendency to do. I still get anxious when I am out of my comfort zone, but am learning to control my thoughts with regards this and it is getting easier every day.

    I went to my GP and just asked him outright if he could refer me for CBT, as I no longer wanted to be on medication and needed that extra help. I had also undergone general counselling before this and was lucky to have had a good counseller. You have to put the work in with CBT and do the things that make you anxious, but it is worth it in the end.

    I am now waiitng for stage 3 - self esteem help, as this is my biggest issue now. I do not believe in myself and need to start.

    Hope this helps

  • hi ive just started cbt for my anxiety, i got to see a psychologist through the mental health team. though i did have to wait 2 years but thats to do with the area i live in.

  • I have asked for CBT, but have been refused it twice because they say I have had the opanics and anxiety too long, this was once from the hospital, and then again at my doctors surgery, and was told that I had had it too long so was refused it. Lindenlea.

  • Hi Chloefer

    I have just had my first cCBT session and waiting time was less than a month.

    My doctor refered me for it without even asking him to. I went to speak to him about my anxiety and advised me to do the self help cCBT.

    The self help cCbt is basically all done on computer.

    I went for my first initial assessment which was just to chat to a lady about my problems and filled in a few forms. My first actual session the computer programme went through "what anxiety & depression is" and how it affect people. i then had to type in all my problems. I was then given a diary for this week to keep a note of when my anxiety and panic attacs were affecting me and what situation i was in when it started. Also my homework for this week is to do a pleasurable task i haven't done in a while...a bit of me time! so i chose baking. I've been signed up for 8 weeks worth but if they think i need it longer they will offer it me. Also every week the doctor gets a report on how you are doing.

    The lady that was there said the first week is a bit basic but it will get more deeper into my problems each week.

    My be worth asking your doctor about he selfhelp cCBT waiting times might be less aswell. xx

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