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Thought diary, what exactly is it?

After reading an earlier post I was reminded that the camhs counsellor asked my dd to keep a thought diary, noting what she was thinking when she's anxious/panicking. Is it simply that?

I'm having trouble getting her to do it as she says thinking what to write just makes her feel worse, I thought if I perhaps understood more about it, what kind of thing he's expecting, it would be easier to convince her to try.

Hope that makes sense. So, any advice or tips welcome, thanks x

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Tough one thompson - I don't know the answer. Perhaps you could get her to fill it in with 3 nice things which have happened to her that day? It can be as simple as I stroked the cat and felt good. Try to encourage her to do it every day. A counsellor once told me to do this and it helped. You can then praise and encourage her. You might find after that she is more amenable to filling in the other one.

Bev x


Thanks Bev, that's a good idea!

I know I should have asked more at the time but he was ushering us out the door when he said it, not ideal :-(

Dd struggles with anything new without very specific instructions, your idea of a gentler approach to start with may be just the thing, thanks



I will find you the link for the thought diary and get back to you xxx


This the one I'm using at the moment, it's for when I'm having anxiety thoughts, it helps me to break it down and try rationalise it xxxxx


Thanks for that Winter, I appreciate it



That's the link!!!

I read yr post this morning when was out and abt and knew I had these on my laptop but I couldn't remember the link off hand.

If you look on the website there are a lot of other CBT resources which might be appropriate for you and yr daughter.

Please don't despair. Your daughter will get through this and she is really blessed to have such a proactive mum fighting her corner.

Please keep posting and let us know how you're both getting on.



Thanks Lizard, I've now had a look at the site not just the link, It's one I hadn't come across before & will look at it again tomorrow (when I'm not so tired).

And the kind words are much appreciated, despair is often close but we'll keep plodding on,

Hope you are well



Your'e welcome thompson. Just hopes it helps. Good luck with it all

bev x


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