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Does anyone else constantly worry?

Hi everyone, does anyone else constantly worry? I do not know what is wrong with me? I seem to go through periods of worrying about certain thing like for instance At the moment it is gas to the point I won't use the gas hob or hot water for fear if an explosion! Next week it could be water fearing my house is going to flood! This is drivin me crazy and taking over my life! I must check the gas rings are off 50 times a day and even getting out the house is a nightmare! Your help would be appreciated

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In a way yes.

I worry constantly about my health. One day a headache could be a tumour, the next I worry I may have diabetes or high blood pressure......

It's relentless.


Hello Nic, I am also a worrier. Reguarding checking gases etc its sounds like you are suffering from compulsive thought disorder. I worry constantly day in and day out. I dont know what you can do to help yourself but maybe go to your gp if it is getting to be a big problem. Best wishes Carol.


Hi Nic,

Years ago I used to have an OCD thing about the Gas too! I never really thought much about it at the time, but I suppose it was a warning sign in a way that has led to my anxiety currenty. It never bothers me now but I have moved on to other things to worry about. Don't worry you are not alone in this.


Hi Nic, I worry about all sorts of things if i let my mind wander, trying to sleep sometimes is hard work if i've got a recurring thought. Sounds like OCD to me too, as a kid i got obsessed with washing my hands and not touching door handles, my GP helped me out. Best of luck x


Thank you all for your replies! Although I wouldn't wish the way I am feeling on anyone it has made me feel a little better knowing that im not the only one! Has anyone tried hypnotherapy for this condition? I am at the stage now where I will try anything! It really is taking over my life and medication doesn't seem to be helping, thanks again


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