Anxiety Sufferers CAN DO IT!!!

I recently posted a question about my anxiety, I have had it for 3 years or so and I was reduced from my current employment to look for another job.

I am a very nervous person, I blush at the silliest things, although people generally dont see it because I have ran a mile by that time.

I went for a job interview last week, it was so nerve racking, palpitations, sweaty hand, stuttering, hot flushes, the odds were against me. I was not confident at all. (the interviewer had other ideas and said that I was which I was pretty shocked about)

I got offered the job this morning, they really liked me, it has given me a massive boost, I am determined to beat this and be more confident in myself.

Many thanks for reading, I just wanted to share some sucess and help people realise that with pure mind determination in the right place, people can do it.

I also paid for something in the supermarket by myself, I thought 'oh well, I may as well do it myself' it was a spur of the moment thing, but the thought was there in my mind and I was confident about it. Everything was fine.

I think I am on the way to getting better, I have had 3 months of hypnotherapy which has calmed me down a lot and using rescue remedy which is great stuff.

Thank you for reading :)


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    :) :) :)

  • Thanks very much!! just have to overcome meetings now. they make me really panic :-/

  • you will do it, make sure you have a glass of water next to you cz anxiety makes your mouth dry. i discovered recently that have a hair clip in my hand playing with it take some of my tension away, maybe buy like a small stress ball or just like paper clip to distract yourself from thinking of anxiety!!

    keep us updated :)

  • Ah thanks for that. i will try it. :-)

  • Well done :)

  • Thank you :-)

  • WELL DONE good news good luck in your new job x

  • Thank you very much. hows you? life treating you well x

  • Hi Click

    I ve been offered a job yesterday and I m starting today!!i m really scared but I really needed some words of encouragement this morning.thank you for sharing your positive thoughts.good luck

  • Aww good luck. I just think of it as a fresh start. No one knows you, if you focus on the sctual learning of the job, it will distract you from the anxiety. Im just going silly as this a game witb people and portray myself as confident. At the end of the day they dont know you or your background. try today..ive got faith in you. Please let me know how how you get on. Think excited more than nervpus. They obviously really liked u from the interview...that is something in itself and i think its the hardest part. good luck. think em how good u are :-)

  • congrats!!! I think people here should share their successes no matter how small they are. Its so uplifting. good luck and dont get stressed in your new job!

  • I will sincerely try. I hope it will be ok :-/

  • Well done Klick and Train! I wish you all the best for your new jobs! good news x

  • Thank you very much x

  • Thank you Ellabella!!I still got lots of work to do on my self but at least I m going back to work!!xxx

  • Hi Click

    I left my old job cause of my bad anxiety,agorophobia and fear if enclosed spaced.I ve been off work for nearly 4 months.I haven't resolved all my issues but I certainly improved to the point that I could go back to work.I was worried that I couldn't t manage but I did.I enjoyed myself..I suppose I will be very tired for the next few days but apart this I think I will be fine..How are u doing???

  • Thats great news. im so pleased it went well. each day is an achievement. and it was fun u said. really pleased for you. Keep me posted how your first week goes. it helps to talk to someone about it. 4 months becomes habit then i guess. ah bless ya. Youre getting there though. well done. i dont start till monday eek!!

  • Congratulation on your new job hope it all goes well

  • Well ive since changed jobs again. I attended another interview. got all flustered and anxious but i got the job and start tuesday. a couple if boosters has done the world of good i think.

    My previous new job told my recruitment agency on the fri before i was due to start on the monday that they withdrew the contract so i was unemployed until wd this week and they said they wanted me to start as i was originally supposed to.

    Talk about a whirlwind...but im still standing. :-)

  • congratulations. I am very happy to hear this. Well done for pushing yourself to go to the interview, which must have difficult.

  • It was. im not going to lie. but i had to get the job otherwise i wouldnt be able to pay bills. plus i took a bit of rescue remedy beforehand. :-)

  • Well done! interviews are extremely nerve-racking to people that don't have any anxiety issues. so for you to do that must've taken some courage.


    p.s. this post has actually helped calm me down a little thank you!

  • Ahh good joe88, im pleased im helping ppl. i found out today my mums fella passed away this morning too which is devastating and it just puts things into a bit more perspective how much you need to live the life that you want because you just dont know whats going to happen. i say to myself screw u anxiety!! lol.

    I am pleased u got some calmness from me :-)

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