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What is panic and anxiety? (Cut and pasted from questions, as its not really a question by the end)

Sorry if this upsets or worries anyone. I dont mean to cause anyone distress.

Right, a bit indepth this, but i was just thinking about why we are all suffering with this. Some people have just a small amount but some heart goes out to them.

Is is just a 'thought process', something we are just thinking about and bringing it on ourselves?

Is it a chemical reaction or a hormone imbalance?

Does anyone have any idea?

Because there has to be a 'thing' we can do to make ourselves better. If theres this many people, all over the world with this, why can we not find one simple 100% certain way of getting rid of this.

I used to think 'normally'. If i saw a real threat i would feel threatened. If i had a headache i'd know it was a headache and i would take a tablet and it would go. If i went to the dentist and had a filling i didnt feel as though my throat was closing up i'd know it was just numb. If i lost a child in the supermarket, i'd look for him, not go off into cuckoo land cowering by the breakfast cereals.

If i watch a tv programme and get really into it. It takes me some seconds (too long) after to adjust and come back to the here and now. To know where i am, what day it is etc.

What is wrong with me now? I need reality back FULL TIME.

I'm not having a panic at the moment. I feel fine. This is just so unfair. I just want to know why it happens?

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Karen Charles Linden of the linden method says its our subconscious mind, Have a look at his site The Linden Method. He created the Method after suffering for 27yeas. He explains it better than I could, he also says what anxiety sufferes need to do to get rid of it.





When I find the answer your be the first to know Good luck


There was actually a very good programme on Radio 4 extra about this very topic.It was on the "4 o clock show" and included comments by one of the top doctors on anxiety from the Maudsley Hospital in London.It appears that it all arises from something that happened in our childhood and which is triggered in certain situations.If you are interested it is now available on BBC I player.

I am sorry to say however that your blog has upset me and I am either going to report it or stick my head in a bucket of Yak's Milk

Your choice!


Please be careful about having a sense of humour you never know who is watching.Just a gentle word of advice and no fence intended


Great question,why we feel like this and I would say no "cure"if there was we would not need this site and or we would not feel like this.


I am afraid that to my long knowledge there is no cure.It is reckoned that there are so many phobias and anxieties throughout the world that a complete cure is impossible.

Laughter is the best medicine though it is sometimes very hard to laugh because anxiety can cause so much pain and anguish and very often great fear.Just try a smile when you can.


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