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Who am i rn?


So im at my dads in Tennessee for 3 weeks and im alone. They dont know what im going through and wouldn't understand. I feel like being here is making worse already even tho ive been here only a few hours. My mind is a mess, i feel so unreal and foggy. It feels like i dont know who i am, and my surroundings dont feel real....im really scared for now and me surviving these long weeks.

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we going through the same thing its a crazy feeling i keep having negative bad thoughts mean while i dont think negative stuff but those sympthoms i have it everday soon as i open my eyes i feel like its not me or im going crazy i dont talk about to people i know because they might think im crazy.

I get how you feel

yeah how long you had it for?

My anxiety and stuff? Since 2016

wow me too

It sucks

are you taking meds or anything for help?

I have some meds

It's all classic derealization. I have it too. It's terrible

Is it pretty constant for you?

Yeah. It goes up and down but it's constant.


Anxiety makes u feel spaced out,i know that feeling,your mind is playing tricks on you,you are ok trust me ,is it really hot there?keep cool try to keep your mind occupied

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Ya its really hot and thank you a lot


Anxiety definitely i was like you when i was 18 19 im 42 now and deal with it better but i get freaked out easily ,u learn to control it more as u get older x

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