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Depression anxiety .can not deal with this anymore

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I suffer really bad with depression this really bad feeling in my head .Just sick of this constant battle with myself .I have done alot of self harm in the past. And I find that relieves me .all I want to do lately is get drunk as I am that down I just can not be bothered with life or anything any more . But I get drunk and cause to many problems. I feel like if I dont go in somewhere i am going to do something stupid or go mental crazy .need help

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Hi Molly are you able to contact someone a friend or relative to talk to until you can see your doctor or psychiatrist if you have one? I hope you are ok as you need to talk to someone to stop your negative thoughts especially the ones you are having xxx

The thing is I speak to my family and they all miver me to check myself in somewhere .dont no what do any more. I need to do something as tablets and council sessions and all other help I have never has helped me

Ok well checking you in to a therapist is a great idea as you say that everything else has failed you so maybe this may be a good thing? It's scary I know but you need help before it escalates to something you can never get back and that's your life. It's not the end of the world but more of a new beginning. So grab it with both hands and get the help you desperately need Hun. It won't be forever and they will get you in the right head space to get your life back. Xx Stay strong and really think about it as I think it would be a good thing for you to do.

Hi go straight to your nearest A&E if you live in England ? Or ER in America. Tell them you need help straight away and tell them just how bad you are feeling !!!!! Its there care of duty to seek the help you need straight will then get treatment ,let me know how you get on .

I am thinking of going doctors and telling him exactly what is going on .but they always put me on a higher dose of antidepressants. And they are not working .feel like going crazy at the minute .feel like I can not talk to my doctor anymore and when I talk to other people and family .they all just say you need to go somewhere like a mental hospital. I do not no what the best option is or how to do it all

Hi molly how are you today ?

Hi how did you get on ? Did you go to doctors or hospital ?

Hi I haven't even been yet .carnt build myself up to bother with it again .as just throw pills my way

How are things Molly

I am gona have to go doctors tmoz as I feel like killing someone or myself .I am fed up .want to self harm .and go crazy all I do now is get drunk to take the pain away .but it'

Making it worse. I feel like I need to go somewhere for help .as I am so angry and depressed

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