why am i like this

i took a half a xanax yesterday and it eased my mind for awhile, i don't want to keep taking these because i know they can become addicting over time, i just don't know why I'm having these anxious thoughts and not wanting to leave my room when i haven't been like this in a very long time. I'm scared, i feel like no one understands me. why do i have to have a disorder like this? i just want things to go back to the way they were.


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  • Do you take anything else besides Xanax?

  • Yes I am on 100mg of Zoloft I'm not sure if I should go up to 150 or not to me that seems like a high dosage that's why I'm apprehensive

  • I heard people do very well on 150.... me not so much. I didn't do well on 100. But my doctor says that anxiety needs a high dose like 100 or 150. Who knows. These doctors are weird. I hate medication

  • I understand that feeling all too well. Unfortunately, anxiety is like any other disease, disorder, illness, whatever you want to call it. It chooses whoever it wants. We can only use medication or, depending, serious self discipline to change something like this. I have overcome anxiety, yet again, without medication. I can't stand the side effects and allergies I get. This is easier said than done, change your thought process. No anxiety has ever happened from positive thoughts. Declare good positive words. I don't care if you have to speak it out loud, tell yourself, "I am not accepting this anxiety, nothing is going to happen. I will not feel fear." You can say whatever helps you, but that's my example. Whatever is in your mind that you dwell on, eventually drops into your heart. Don't allow this anxiety to take root and you'll overcome naturally. Good luck! Hopefully I was helpful to you.

  • Thank you for taking the time to try and help. I guess it's just frustrating because I did over come my anxiety for awhile but it's almost like it's trying to come back and remind me that it'll always be there

  • It does happen that way. It's a learning process on the way. You'll eventually get to a point where anxiety cannot hold you captive anymore. It takes time, and good efforts. When you learn to consistently not worry about what cannot be changed or *might* happen, your anxiety won't come back. I know you will get through this. It is possible! 😊

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