do i deserve to be loved?

i feel like less of a person since my anxiety has got bad, i cant do the normal things a young woman can do, simple things like hold down a job and be sucessful, go for a long walk on my own,even be on my own, have friends, stick up for myself, feel atractive, feel worthy of anything........i dont feel like a whole person......i feel like a shell with no hope inside and i dont feel my boyfriend trys hard enough to help which suprises me as he suffers with social anxiety himself so there should be some sympathy there for me. some times the relationship causes me anxiety which is not what i need......................what do i need? i dont even know anymore.x


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  • hi sam sounds like your really low at the moment do you take any meds if so i dont think they are suiting you i feel the same but not on any meds but think i have to try something as feeling like we do is NO GOOD thinking of you x

  • Of course you deserve to be loved honey we all do x

  • hi sam yes you do deserve to be loved .. you cant help the way you feel .. it doesnt make you a bad person if ya bf cant be there for you then is he much of a bf x

  • Hi Sam I know is hard work.I don t feel a normal woman either for all the reasons that you said before because our live is restricted.but we are young and we should have hope that we will get better.and it's not your fault if you are not well.and you deserve to be loved maybe even more.just try to concentrate on getting better for s hard work for people who s next to us as well try to speak to your boyfriend a bit more about your relationship and not just about problems.this is my suggestion ....good luck :-) xxx

  • Normality is in the eye of the beholder. and is to be honest to a certain extent you can not define a person as normal. Yes we may have panic attacks etc but show a spider or mouse to some people and they panic too. Guess what I am trying to say is that society has this vision of what we should all do like be super mum etc but we are all different and thats what makes us a society rather than stepford wives.

  • Oh Sam, of course you deserve to be loved. I like to think we are all anxious people because we care so much and are the nicest people in society! Your boyfriend is probably trying to cope with his own demons. Just remember it will get better and ease off. Stay strong and take the time to get yourself better. Do not push yourself and if it means you have to be a hermit for a bit to get stronger so be it. K x

  • reading about you, makes what to get to talk to you more because I am reading about my self and its very reassuring that I am not the only one. U r not alone and yes you do deserve to be loved because you are in this world and you deserve a place in it.

  • thank yo so much, if you ever want to talk please do. x

  • thank you for all your replies. i think one thing that worries me most is when he says he worries about me getting better and leaving him........thats not support unfortunatly. and when he does help me out he throws it back in my face later on. x

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