Does anyone need a Buddy to talk too?

Hello everyone 😌

Do you ever feel like you need someone there that you can call/text that understands what your going through? I felt the need to do this not only for me but for everyone else struggling with Anxiety/Depression. ❀ feel free to message me & ask for my number! I need new friends in my Life that understands what I'm going through. I want to have that buddy that I can text/call if I'm going through a rough day or panic attacks, or even just a friend. 😌 to some people this might be weird but I don't care. You only live life once & I want to be that person that overcomes Anxiety & be that person that someone can come too & talk about there problems where I can relate with them. ❀ have a nice day everyone!


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  • That is a really sweet idea

  • Amazing idea but please don't give out your number. This is a safe environment but you don't know anyone and these days you can track people using mobile numbers.

    Stick to the messaging on here and stay safe!

  • I totally understand where your coming from, trust me. 😌 do you realize tho I'm pretty sure if that was the case that people can track & do that with phone numbers I would not be safe now?. With how many jobs, applications, bills, etc that have my phone number? Nobody is ever safe in this world. πŸ˜›

  • Hello

    I have to agree with doglover and feel her reply is spot on

    OK I know there are ways through other methods to get our details but we don't have to help by handing them straight over and no know one is ever safe in this world but we can be sensible and try and keep ourselves as safe as possible !

    Also if you look how many members belong to this Community and how many actually come on and talk no one knows why people maybe on here and what are their motives , yes hopefully most are genuine but best to make and form friendships in the safety of the Community and then if that friendship grows maybe consider handing out private details

    Have you read the Community Guidelines ? I think it is no 15 that states that HU will not be responsible for things taken beyond the Community and to be careful ( not those words but similar ) so doglover and myself are only saying because we care , can see though you have a feisty side so no doubt you will do what you want which is entirely your choice :-)

    Take Care x

  • Being super careful about giving out real life info is good practice

  • Thank you!

  • I would love that!

  • What about skype ?

  • If you wish to connect, please do so using the Healthunlocked private messaging feature. Do not post your personal information on this public forum. Too dangerous.

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