just need to release

work stress has lead me to depression and anxiety and this made me question my life.

I have a great parents and brothers. but beyond them i feel very alone. the pressure at work has knocked my confidence and now i feel like i cant do my job properly. the more i come to work the more i realise my situation at work wont change but at the moment i cant cope with the thought of jumping ship.

i have developed this sense of needing to be around people but i dont really have anyone outside my family to be around and when i do find someone i feel like il suffocate them becuase i just want to be around them all the time. i dont really know how to cope being on my own now.

i started medication and i feel the effects i want to think one feel one way (being down and depressed but the medication is stopping that) which is what its suposse to do but i feel like im going crazy as im just so used to waking up anxious and drowning in depression. im not even sure i make sense at the moment.

i feel like this has become my life


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6 Replies

  • Hi, Have you been applying to different jobs to hopefully be able to leave that workplace and go to another? Your health is way more important.

  • iv been here for ten years and feel like im institutionalised i have no self confidence left. my downfall at work has been that i was a victim of my own hard working ethics and success and people began taking advantage of my nature of not being able to say no. so i ended up doing my job and a few others whilst they did nothing and management let it slide as i did enough to keep everyone afloat

  • muslimLAD, don't forget, we are always here for each other. Reach out when feeling you are unable to cope. Take care.

  • thank you. i think once the depression and anxiety kicked in from work i realised how alone i was. i believe i just needed someone to lean on as a friend and i would have been ok

  • muslimLAD, one of the things you mentioned was having been on your job for 10 years and not having learned to say "no" to others. It certainly didn't buy friends. I think a lot of us with anxiety are like that, in giving and not feeling anything in return. As for the medication starting to do what it is suppose to, I totally understand how weird that must feel because you are so use to anxiety and depression. Accept the feeling and think of it as a new way your life will be while you find ways to not feel so alone and cope with life.

    Know that your friends on the forum are always here for you.

  • i find it hard to say no as i like to keep the peace. but they dont really appreciate how much work i take off them.

    and yes it is a weird feeling as i want to cry at times but it feels like that emotion or wiring in my body to cry is no longer there its a weird thing to explain.

    and thank you for taking your time to respond

    i hope you are well

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