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Today I woke up feeling generally okay and my anxiety level was average as usual. Later on I had a random moment where my anxiety suddenly had a massive increase after I remembered being bullied at school. It seemed rather strange because I have always known that I got bullied at school but it suddenly cropped up in my mind for some reason and this led to a series of thoughts and I began predicting things:

I got bullied at school

I might see the bullies in town or in public somewhere (I still live locally)

The bullies will mock me if they see me

The bullying will carry on

I will get fed up of it and become depressed

I will not be able to handle the depression and it will ruin my life and my family because they will be affected

^ These are the type of anxious thoughts which are triggered simply by the one thought which cropped up into my head today. It's really strange how this one simple thought triggered so much anxiety going on inside me. I have a habit of making predictions like this and it is taking over my life.

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Hi there, I've read your blog... thank you for sharing!

You know, those random thoughts are usually when you have unresolved negative emotion, representing itself to find resolution.

Also, don't make predications on what you don't want. Focus on what you do want, rather than what you don't want. We tend get what we focus on.


Thanks for replying. That's a good way of putting things. I often find it hard to explain my feelings but you're spot on. Thanks for your advice :)


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