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Birthday Anxiety

I have this intrusive thoughts about death for months, also nightmares terrors, I have OCD about this, my OCD is magical thinking thoughts, and I am so afraid right now.

Why this is so hard to be positive? :(

Today is my bday and Im so afraid bcs of 2 things;

1. My missing cat is suddenly go home this morning! Yesterday I thought "what if my missing cat go back at my bday? It would be great". Then it became true. What if my other thoughts become true including my thoughts about death?

2. Today is my bday. Its still 8am here, still early, but till now only 1 of my friend that wish me a longlife. So afraid that I have a short life :(

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Happy Birthday!

Wow I have this problem with the thoughts and I was telling my Therapist I was afraid because whatever I think about happens. She sort of nodded her head and then wrote something in her pad. She told me to try to replace my thoughts with something positive. That didn't help much lol.


Hi Tanae, thank u!

Really? So glad that Im not the only one. I also did that but not really helps. How is it now? How r u feeling?



Happy birthday x

Bless you .

Your so young and lucky to be so ?

You have nothing to worry about ,NOTHING

you will live a long life but you need to focus your thoughts on living and stop thinking about death because death is to a greater degree out of our control .

So what's the point in worrying about something you can't change anyway ?

Some old lady once said to me .

The problem with worrying is ,

It gives you something to to do but gets you nowhere .

It's so true.

Stop over thinking your life and JUST START LIVING IT XX




Hello there, thank u so much! XOXO

God bless u too :)

Yes I am 22, I am so young, and u r right. There's nothing I have to worry about. I hope I will be fine and yeah, I will start focusing on living rather than other thing which is beyond my control.

Once again, thank u dear!


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Francine23 celebrate your "special day". Wishing you a very

Happy Birthday and many, many more. x


Dear Agora, thank u so much. Yes I enjoyed yesterday!! God bless u dear XX

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Omg me too !! I'm so happy I'm not alone !! I worry about any little happy thing and it's like my mind just thinks the worst !! If you go to my posts you'll probably understand too as much as I understand yours , I hate that I think about death more then I think of happiness, I try too not think by keeping my self busy but once I get alone it's like my brain thinks crazy stuff and sad stuff and makes me worry ! My head is hurting because all of been doing is be worried & stress my self out over not being happy , I'm still trying my best right now trying to find help

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Hello! You r not alone :)

Yes, our thoughts are sabotaging our life and we have to stop this cycle! This is not healthy. Sooner or later I believe we will be able to think positively.

I will take a look at your posts now.



Well first off happy birthday and your cat coming back is the best birthday present think of it that way! Secondly is there any reason for you to believe you have a short life? My friend said that when we were growing up that she was going to be dead at 36 we are both 39 and she is the first one out of all my friends to turn 40 so not everything comes true.

Secondly I understand the fear! It is so hard not to be afraid. All you hear is this person is dead or dying! A local radio hosts mom just passed yesterday of cancer and it is a terrible cancer. When I was listening all I kept thinking is this could be me. My stomach bothers me but they say I am fine. What about a mis-diagnosis..I get it! I have the biggest fear of death!

I worry what if my parents see me suffer! I have even thought if I am diagnosed with a disease and there is no cure I would kill myself!

So I get it but everyday is a blessing and I try to live that so when I have this thought I think I am still here!

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Hi there, thank u so much :)

It is such a relief to read your friend's story. It proves that negative thoughts aren't true.

We have the same point of view I guess! Yes, it sucks to think about death a lot and link everything to death. This is OCD and I'm trying to break the cycle.

I agree, we have to be grateful for every single blessings we get :)

Thank u once again and God bless u.



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