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Insomnia is driving me crazy. It's 6am and ive not had a wink of sleep all night. I have to wake up in an hour for school anyway. I've literally just been crying most of the night because I'm sick of my anxiety. It's driving me insane. I feel like I don't have a life anymore. My day just consists of.

Getting up after no sleep

Sore eyes from crying all night

No appetite for breakfast

Feeling really unwell and anxious

Going to school

Having multiple panic attacks in school

Coming home

Finally eating

Feeling anxous and ill

Going to bed

Having no sleep again


This has been my life for the past 3 weeks, I can't carry on like this. My parents are sick to death of me. My mum just ignores me now as she's so mad at me for wbu nth like this. My dad just shouts at me because I am the way I am. I can't continue anymore.

I've been to the doctors 3 times since it started. I've had a blood test which came back fine. I've been to the hospital once, which we waited 3 hours for to see the doctor for 2 minutes and he basically just said nothing. I can't take medication because I'm only 15 and the majority of anxiety medication is only for adults. I'm having cbt but it's not working. I'm on the list to see a physiatrist but the waiting list is 8-10 weeks.

Someone please help me, I'll accept any advice. My whole family is sick of me as are my teachers at school and all my friends. It's ruining my life and I can't continue like this any longer. Please help :(

Elley x

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Elleyfreeman, I am not an expert, But you don't need to be an expert to know that you are having a hard time. I can't even imagine what you're going through. I can relate to the anxiety part, But insomnia, well NOPE. I will just say, try to hang in there. I am not helping I know, but you have got to hang in there.

Stay strong until you get some real medical help. I am not sure if you can help yourself to get some sleep, but if you cant, you might as well spend the NO SLEEP time with something to do. Having no sleep is stressful, but don't load it even more with anxiety and additional stress of having to overthink. Just pass the time.

Find people to talk to, it shouldn't be a tough task if you look in another country, it should match the odd time zone. Like I am in India, and its 11 am right now. Go social, right how you feel. Maintain an online journal if you can. Play games. Don't freak your parents out(if you are). No offense, but they don't like seeing you that way. The fact that they are unable to help you, is driving them insane too.

Try to act normal in front of them, but do let them know that you need some medical attention. Make sure you have an appointment lined up for a doctor of the right field. Till then, you have me and other people around here.

Stay strong. CHEERS

Thank you so much but my parents won't take me to the doctors anymore :(

keeping you in my prayers

Elleyfreeman in reply to PapaM

Thank you <3

I am also having insomania for last six years,

but one thing when you sleep do not think about sleep too much and dont think that If I wont have sleep then how I will be able to manage tomorrow and all those things,

When following this suggestion you will have hard time because when you try not to think something it is so powerful that your mind will go there and it is dificult to manage,

But one thing is there you will have to practice this slowly,

And in this journey of your anxiety dont be hard on yourself, because our fight is with ourself and when you be hard on yourself it is tough and it creates vicious cycle, and in reality most of our problem is because of we are being too hard on ourself.

And about your parents they are behaving like this is because they are worried about you and they dont understand what is wrong with you that does not mean that they are not helping,

Parents are those people who are most important to you in any problem and they do behave sometimes rude and difficult to manage that does not mean you should hide something from them.

Yeah I know that it would be difficult for them to understand your situation and for you to make them understand , and believe me after five years of my anxiety my parents do not understand the problem properly(because my parents are somewhat in illiterate type of people but finally they are parents!!)

Even they do not understand anything they will be helpful.

And about doctor who only talks to you for just two minutes he is not the doctor you should go again, because in initial you are feeling like you will meet doctor and he will talk to you for long time and will understant you properly and he will be a magician who will give magic pills or some magic technique that will solve your problem in just one day and next day you will be fully normal.

No dude that is not going to happen,

This is little discouraging but it is the truth

and specially if you do not get help in initial stage it will go worse ,

this is the time when you should be enjoying your life with others,

Tell your parents to read blogs about your problem and books about your problem and the psychitrst whom you will meet tell him to make your parents understand what you are going through!!

And as you are 15 one best solution for you is go out and play those games who make you feel tired, those which make your body exercise!!

Because when you exercise your body throws excessive adrenaline out of your body which is the reason you are feeling anxious,

Go out and play!!

When you start playing your mind wont be totally in play but once you try to play it would feel better and slowly it would feel very good!!!

Dont stop any helpful activity which is creating minor anxiety in initial step!

And if you are feeling too anxious then try to do it some other time!!

More suggestion next time!!

I am busy somewhat now!!

Thank you <3

I don't suffer from insomnia, but the second I wake up to the minute I go to bed I feel unwell due to my anxiety. A simple task like going to the shop can leave me exhausted as I get myself so worked up about it. I try all the usual like chamomile tea, meditation, music and warm baths which all provide temporary relief but I have no answers as to long time - I wish I did. I find talking to fellow sufferers a great help as well so just send me a message whenever you feel like you are struggling


Thank you & I feel the same :( <3

Just found this as we were worried what happens when you die... its proven by scientists...but i still worry :/

Thank you for that!! But same :(

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