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Has anyone tried EFT???

Have any of you heard or tried EFT?.....plenty of free videos on youtube to tap along with, i know it looks a bit strange but it works. I had chronic anxiety for years then I found EFT, I'm not a 100% yet but I'm getting there. Start off with an open mind and just try it, just start by using it to try to relax. Good luck and let me know how it goes. If you have any questions or can't find any good vids, just ask. Would love to talk to some others who have found this positive or negative for their anxiety :-)

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hi hun ,,,, sorry to have to ask but im intriged ,,,, what is EFT ,,,, i too suffer with really bad anxiety problem and would try just about anything (except medication ) can you explain a little xxxxxx




HI ive just looked it up and it means emotional freedom techniques.


Yeah, it stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques. It helped me so much I trained in it, I have helped some people I know and friends of friends. It looks strange when you first see it but if you look at the science behind it, it makes sense. You stimulate acupuncture points while concentrating on the issue. Have a look on this site has lots of info and a FREE tutorial. If I can help answer anything for you, just ask.

Lesley x


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