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Has anyone tried coloring for help with anxiety?


I have been reading that coloring can help with anxiety. I do EFT tapping some and deep breathing several times a day but was wondering if anyone uses coloring and if it helps you calm down.

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These are nice suggestions thanx for sharing!☺️Would you please explain more about the tapping ?? I remember hearing something about that a long time ago but didn’t really understand it??

I use the app The Tappong Solution on my phone. It does help quite a bit., Most of the time.

I do color and find it quite therapeutic I also started knitting and crocheting now that helps a lot too keeps my mind occupied

Annie1967 in reply to Natzsteveo

I taught myself to crochet last Christmas but havent been doing anything lately. I may have to find me a pattern and start a new project.

Natzsteveo in reply to Annie1967

I go on you tube Annie I go from there 👌

I do ill the time, I use fancy Prismicolor pencils , they blend better.

Keep em sharp.

Mmm, I’m wondering now maybe that’s why my daughter gave me a drawing type book and colored pencils? I like to watch cartoons from my childhood or music from back then? It comforts me 🙏😷

Yes it works beautifully. I have kids and adults coloring books and a variety of crayons, markers, pencils, etc..

You can get coloring books inexpensive anywhere and I bought a bunch of TV show coloring book like Friends Seinfeld, MASH, any tv show you want they'll likely have and they're pretty cheap but the drawings are fabulous.

There's research that shows it helps decrease depression and anxiety.


Coloring, drawing, painting and basically doing any artistic activity while listening to your favorite music is very relaxing! You should give it a try. ❤️

I use an online colouring app that I really like. You have to tap the screen to apply the colours, so might kill two birds with one stone. 😀

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