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Has anyone tried yoga?


Yes my third post in 2 days ;)

Due to my anxiety i find it difficult to exercise, so I've done some research and it suggests that yoga is a great remedy for anxiety.

Just wondering if anyone here has tried it? If it works? I'm a size 16 so unsure if my weight will affect how well I can do it haha

Any suggestions or responses are greatly appreciated :)

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Hello! Me again haha! Ive tried yoga and find in the right environment its very relaxing! Noo weight wont matter youll do great! Happy easter!x

Oh good! Haha I was a bit worried I'm soo unfit :/ I really want to get in a shape that isn't round hahaha I'd like to be fit again but anxiety makes it hard to stick to dieting and regular exercise!

I read that it can help with anxiety so I figured I might as well give it go!

Aha! Yeah it does :)! Take care let us know if it works for you!x


Hi I do yoga and love it, try not too push yourself. Just relax into it. Don't push yourself into moves because you won't be able to, it takes time to become bendy!!!! I use Tara Stiles on You Tube. Don't be hard on yourself either if you cannot get into a move, I have a habit of laughing at myself of I cannot do it and fall over!!! Oh and remember to breathe.

Take care and let us know how you go xx

Thanks winter :)

I'm just planing on doing it to reduce stress and as I am a bigger girl I know I won't be "bendy" haha I tried a 20 minute beginner sesh tonight and found it so relaxing! My anxiety played up a little after as I was so relaxed and my body just isn't used to that sort of relaxation haha so I'm hoping it will help, thanks for your response :)

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Well done for trying it and it helped you. I'm not too bendy at the moment either I've put on 2 stone and nw a size 14! The more often I do it the more bendy I get!! X

I've been wanting to try it for ages as it looks so relaxing but never had the courage haha so today I though what the hell, why not? Lol

Oh I wish I was a 14! Haha

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What you like!!!! I do love yoga, good luck with it. I joined weight watchers a couple of weeks ago. I got my starting weight, went the next week to get weighed I put a pound on!!!! Xx

Thanks :) can't wait for my dvd's to arrive so I can start! Unfortunately I had to order them in as nowhere in my town has them..

Aw no! Haha That's always the way! Hope it all goes well for you :) xo

Hi all,

I may want to try yoga if it's so good... I can't go to a class because I can't go anywhere...

Speaking of bendy, I don't think it has anything to do with weight. I'm a size 10 and stiff as a board! Apart from that, size 14 or 16 isn't fat. I can imagine it will be harder to do if you are really overweight, but those are normal sizes! (I'm guessing these are UK sizes, as I know what those are in european sizes.)

I did my first proper session today after borrowing a beginners dvd, it was a little harder than I thought it would be. However it was good and we had a good laugh at ourselves :) I also am choosing to do it at home as I fear crowd's.

Definitely made me realise how unfit I am :/ but has given me a little push to get back in shape, I am determind to stick to yoga and get myself healthy. Maybe I can even gain some confidence along the way :)

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