Well after another highly anxious day I went to my Doctor.I explained to him I can go 3 weeks and be relatively anxiety free.Then when my period is due and I am on my period bang I hit rock bottom.Asked him if he thought I was going through the meopause and he said no it is PMS that is sending me rock bottom.Because I smoke and I am 42 he cant put me on the pill as I have heath anxiety it comes with risks and he does not want to put me through anymore anxiety.So he is going to consult with another doctor who deals with PMS and see what they can do for me.I told him about this site and he said its great we can all talk to each other but stressed that if we have certain symptoms not to self diagnose each other .Thought I would share this with everyone


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  • hi all up really this morning took all my vitamins and herbal tea and ate two small snacks went to town with friends to cafe we were all talking the next thing every thing started to spin i felt really sick i really thought i was going to faint i closed my eyes and i could see yellow flashes no fast heartbeat though and no fast breathing is this another anxiety symptom lasted for twenty minutes or so has anyone had similar

  • That sounds like the aura of a migraine, which you can get without the headache. I think they're called blind migraines.

  • hi sharoniou you should ask your doc for hormone test to be sure you could be suffering for nothing hormone inbalance can cause anxiety please get it checked you could have it done in well woman clinic probably better x

  • Hi Milo they may well come back with this for an option.I trust my doctor who listens to everything I tell him and never just says its anxiety he looks things up to show me as he knows hoe anxious I get.I will wait to hear from them and see what they say xx

  • Hi Sharonlou,

    I can for sure identify with your point , I too feel worse when the old hormones are raging , I'm a couple of years older than you, ( and a smoker !) so it's interesting to read your comments. I definatelty feel like this has been worse the last couple of years , I didn't really suffer with PMS before my 40's ! The physical symptoms are worse now and it really does affect my anxiety but I must admit I haven't really done anything about it , apart from put it down to age and try to be accepting of it, but it is worth looking into. It sounds like you have a really understanding GP , so hopefully they will beable to sort this out for you, I would be really interested to know how you get on and what they recommend.xx

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