I saw my neurologist today, and was diagnosed, it adds up & makes sense!

I saw my neurologist today. I have Post-Concussion Syndrome, benign-paroxysmal-positional-vertigo, Vestibular Migraines .... This can cause anxiety, which makes sense because after the car accident my anxiety/panic was awful! He hit the nail on the head, he said he was in a car accident and had the same and swore he had a brain tumor, I said yes!! Me too!! I'm relieved to have knowledge of what I'm feeling and going through, I'm also so relieved that my doctor has experienced it so he definitely understands it better! This past week my anxiety is low thankfully! Let's hope it stays away! :-)


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  • Do you take any meds for Benign-paroxsymal positional vertigo? I have it and it does make me feel very anxious at times. Glad your anxiety has lessened!

  • My doctor prescribed something, I am going to pick up the prescription medication tonight, he said it will help with the headaches, it's for depression but he's not prescribing it for depression.

  • I used to take a painkiller that was effective for back pain even though it was for depression it also had pain reliever properties in it.

    I take Betahistine for the positional vertigo.

    I agree with the other comments on here if you have a 'name' as to what is causing your anxiety it certainly helps a bit!

    Good Luck with the new meds!

  • Hi Suesclues, I'm glad that you finally got an answer to your symptoms. I think having a "name" for what you are going through besides "anxiety" will in itself reduce

    your anxiety some. This is a good reminder for all of us to not jump on the band wagon of "anxiety" until the doctor has out ruled anything else going on. I wish you the best in healing and going forward. x

  • Thank you! :-) I wish you the best as well. :-)

  • Hi i am so glad you found out what is causing your anxiety, when you can put a name on all of this,its bound to lower your anxiety,could you please let me know what the name of the meds are.if you dont mind xxxxx

  • Hi, sorry I'm replying late, the prescription is called Amitriptyline Hcl ... Generic for Elavil

  • Thank you, might look these up.xxxxx

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