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first of all i thought that i had lack confidences and going to uni will solve it however I started thinking that i should go through therapy to solve this but then i thought that my symptom links to social anxiety therefore i tried an online test to check if i have it . it showd that i do have social anxiety. i started searchin for treatment because i didnt want my anxiety to take over my life in uni as lots of presentation occurs which i have fear of talking or giving speech in front of large group of people. i wanted to go directly to an psychologist however i found that i have to go to the gp first i was afraid that they may not understand my feelings. the appointment was 1 week longs and those weeks were depressing and i often worried constantly. waiting in the waiting room was worrying . however i had kind and wonderful gp who then diagnosed me with generalised anxiety disorder. she then reffered me to cbt. she said that letter will be sent home . i started worrying because i dont want my parents know as they will never understand. once i had to to wait again for the letter . finally i got it . i had to fill in form snd i sent it now i have to wait again. waiting is an big challenge for me.x


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  • I had the same when my health anxiety got completely out of control and waiting for the results of tests was a total nightmare...I used to count the minutes and days, as time went on I realised that what you need will come to you and there is no pressure, when you are in anxiety mode, time seems to go so slow, but remember that it's just the perception of time. Reassure yourself that you are looking after yourself and you are seeking help and you will receive it and it won't be too late. It's a road you are travelling on, and it's not a race.

  • PS I think it is very brave of you to go and seek help about this without asking your parents, but maybe you should talk to them about the way you feel? They might surprise you and support you?

  • thanks for commentin ... my parents wil never understand and they dont even know what anxiety is so i dont want tell people who dont understand me.x

  • I think you need more support or you might struggle at Uni...try to get in touch with student councellors etc. Get as much support as you can, join a support group - anything!! That is what I did...

  • yh i will thanks for givin me advice:-) once my cbt is sorted then i will join support and activity groups.

  • dont want to diishearten you i live in greater manchester tameside and i have suffered for over 30 years on and off. at themoment my head is mashed thoughts coming all the time am i going crazy, i will end up in hosp and am not really eating hardly the thought of food makes me feel sick another worry i will be ill. i havebeen waiting since last oct for cbt and it will prob be another 3 mths been told. nhs are very slow and then you only get so many sessions.

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