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Having a rough morning. I need someone to talk to :(

Woke up early this morning with heart pounding and cold chills and a little dizzy so I sat up with my mom talked to her for a bit she has been wonderful support since my first attack and my lil girl and I are staying with my parents. Anyways I fell asleep on the couch for a few hours woke up to use the bathroom and felt dizzy walking to the bathroom and my heart started racing then I just started panicking still felt dizzy as I walked back to the couch. Say there doing my deep breathing and slowly felt better but still feel a little shaky.

Is it my anxiety??? I've had 3 EKGs done 3 complete sets of bloodwork and they all came back normal.

Also yesterday I had a couple dizzy spells.

Any advice. I'm so scared :(

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Hey Pink1181!

Hmm... I too have been through this alone and your are not alone. Is your iron level low?? Are you in stress? If something has been going on lately in your life light head and dizziness is a big sign of stress and anxiety. Talk to me? you can inbox me if you like!


Hang in there, I feel crappy, scared and shaky most days too. I wish I could get over this. Do you work? I do and I just hope I can hold it together for that.


Awe Peter I know I wish I could get better. I wish we all could get better.

Do you feel nauseous dizzy and heart racing even when your noy having an attack? I hate it :(

No I'm not working and there's no way I could right now


Hi Donna,

Yeah even when not having an attack I can feel nauseous and racing heart. The dizziness seems to have gone, though, thankfully. But the anxiety is playing havoc with my digestive system, I hope the naturopath can shed some light on that.

I went for a walk today. Just slow walking, wasn't racing anyone (like normal!) Practised my belly breathing and trying to reduce the breathing rate as suggested. It does calm you down.

Let's see, what time would it be in Canada now...6.41pm Sunday here... oh it could be anywhere from 1.41am to 6.11am ... that didn't help! Anyway, I was going to say, how was your night? or day? You might even be up at the moment.... hope things are not too bad.



Hi Peter

Lol it was about 5 am when you sent that

I had another rough night. I kept waking up with a fast heart rate. Its hard for me to believe that it's JUST anxiety. Can anxiety do this to you? Thinking I should see my dr.

Your not alone. When my anxiety is bad I have a lot of belly issues as well :(

I like your idea about the walking and the belly breathing. I'm going to give it a try. Do you do the belly breathing the entire time your walking?

Hope your good :)



Hi pink 1181 , how are you doing too , it's binky noo i have a lil 2 year old boy & seriously having awful time at the moment I like you don't like being on my own so have stayed at my parents his parents my sisters I can't explain but a need to be round people family , like being cosy @ secure in tying to get to grips with my health anxiety more than ever Im on overactive thyroid medication & having quite a lot of side effects that are taking over my life I think it's. big factor in my anxiety too. I'm gonna go speak to someone @ checking out all my issues with gp so hopefully I'm given myself a few months to sort health & anxiety & health anxiety out, I'm suffering at min with breathless , dizzy , warm worry stomach issues especially in evening my tummy gets tense feels like stone so I'm trying all sorts really wanna get through this without getting anti depressants:-)


Hi when I got diagnosed with Macular Degeneration I thought it was a death sentence but I carry on and live for the moment, it puts things into perspective and makes you count your blessings. Look after your eyes, I did but mine is genetic condition so nothing I can do.I just try to enjoy life its all you can do. I've been in a dark place but I've got thru it.


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