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Morning Anxiety is messing me up

I've been slowly getting better. I still have never ending thoughts that give me anxiety but they usually don't bother me enough to freak out. But every morning when I wake up, my anxiety goes really high. Any little thing can trigger it. I sleep well and i dont know how to stop this. It takes me until around 2 o'clock to start feeling normal again and then I'm my best at night. But then I fall asleep and I'm back in the same cycle. Is this part of my "recovery?" Because I was way worse or is this gonna keep happening?

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Anxiety first thing in the morning is the pits. Used to be depression. I don't know if you take meds, but I do take Xanax before bed, and as soon as i wake I take antidepressant and Xanax before even brushing my teeth. Like a race to see who wins But has been working for me. My doctor finally found a combination that helps. My best to you.

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I'll try that


It's very common for anxiety to be worst on waking. The only suggested reason I've found for this relates to changing levels of the hormone Cortisol throughout the day. This is a 'fight or flight' hormone and nature still thinks we need an extra dose of this on waking to help us go hunting for our breakfast. But we don't do fight or flight at 8 a.m. any more so the extra Cortisol just hangs around and makes us feel anxious. Cortisol levels are at their highest at 8 a.m.

There is a natural substance found in Green Tea called L-thianine which is believed to counteract Cortisol so many people start the day with a mug of strong Green Tea as available in tea bags in all supermarkets. Also available from vitamin supplement suppliers is concentrated Green Tea extract in tablets containing 10mg of L-theanine and even tablets containing 200mg of L-theanine.

Many people find the Green Tea works well in banishing or easing early morning anxiety but some people who have tried it didn't feel any improvement.

I've tried all 3 sources and didn't find improvement in either of the tablet forms of L-theanine but I do find Green Tea in teabags very effective and start my day with a mug. Of course you have to let it brew for several minutes to extract the L-theanine from the tea bags.

At £1 or $1 for a pack of 20 Green Tea teabags I suggest it's worth a try.


Thank you for the advice! Im gonna try anything cause it can be very frustrating and i dont want to go back down a dark hole in my anxiety. Im slowly getting better and I dont wanna go back


That's very common I've read, to have higher anxiety in the mornings. I have the same. I thought it was like jeff1943 explained but had my levels checked and I have low cortisol in the morning so idk. It could be due to low blood sugars too. Dr Claire Weeks in her book Self help for the nerves says to get up as soon as waking and get going. Not good to lie in bed a dwell on things. If you are going to school or college in September the change should help divert the thoughts. I remember that working for me when I had this years ago. Wishing you all the best. I'm going to try the green tea advice from Jeff2943. This will pass. Keep busy and eat well and exercise moderately.


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