Feeling crap!anxiety doing my head in

Hi all!anybody else annoyed with there anxiety?!im really annoyed with myself that I'm letting it affect my life!!had to leave my job as got in such a state with it all.all I want is to be working and enjoying life,5 months ago I was doing this but how things have changed.i over think stuff which gets me worked up.ive done all the counciling lark and helped a tiny bit,but it weren't for me,Gta go doctors Wednesday and hopefully find out if I can get hypnotherapy.if any one has tried this feel free to comment.sorry peps but feel like having a rant! Lol x


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  • hi Porgie

    Yep, I also get annoyed with this anxiety, last week had an okay sort of week, but today it is the complete opposite.

    I try and say to myself " snap out of it, get a grip etc" Like you all I want is my life back with all the ups and downs it brings but without this crippling anxiety that seems to come out of nowhere.

    As for the over thinking thing, I think I am the worlds expert at it drives me mad.

    rant away as much as you like that's what this site is for. You are never alone on here. Gardenertwo

  • i get annoyed with anxiety as well and it feels like i cant move on with my life its a good thing u are going to the docters i hope things start getting better for u

  • So do I but here's a thing it's us it's in our heads we need to except it and come on here cry moan share and help each other

  • hi, porgie, i'm always annoyed with anxiety, and i to like you just wish i could rewind and have my life back, i was nervous and not very outgoing but at least i was out, joke to this is i cannot leave my home now due to anxiety, i always assume the worst and each niggle and pain is the worst outcome ever. I'm currently undergoing cbt but for all it seems to make me feel better i can find i sip back to my own ways just as fast, let us know how the hypnotherapy goes, its something i was looking into but could never find where to go, and the prices of the people i found where very expensive, there ain't many health profs want to come to your home :( x onwards n upwards xx

  • I'm the same, not many therapists want to come to your house and they are ridiculously expensive!! They help in some ways i find, but at the end of the day I'm the only one that can get rid of it! Ive bought a couple of books that have really helped with it, which are a lot cheeper than therapists and can come straight to your home! Hurrah!! xx

  • I had hypnotheray and found it worked a bit but wasn't a complete cure. Did help along with counselling etc. My hypnotherapist also made me a relaxation CD which is also very helpful and leaves you in a blissful state on non-anxiety for a while.I would definately give it a go.... I'll try anything if it helps and have come a long way in six months. I accept that I will probably never be like I was and a 100% again but I try and do the best I can to overcome those fears. Give it a go , won't do any harm.Good luck. xx

  • yes i find myself getting annoyed even angry,so bad that i just cry for an hour,mayby 2,long scalding tears that wont stop,after this I usually feel good.for a while,then its back..my councillor says i'm holding on to it,just to let go ,and say to it you can be there if you want,but your not keeping me at home..he says I need to be the boss,and not let it have power over me...well its all good advice,and it does work,but when its very bad all good advice goes out the window,and i'm in a corner crying...anxiety wins again..love Miarose.xxxxxx

  • Thanku all for your kind replies,nice that we are all in the same boat.I'm going to spend less time talking and more time doing!time to get rid of this anxiety crap!hope you all are ok!x

  • Hey!! Ahhhh it bugs the hell out of me too!! And yes mine has halted my life so much! Ive left jobs, lost friends, seen my family less, it just kills me! I was the same, I want for therapy and it helped a little, but my brain works way to fast and is overthinking way too much for any of it to work so i stopped going. She said my brain was like a burglar alarm switched really high so it was just sensitive to everything.But getting annoyed with yourself really helps coz i just get so angry with myself that i make myself go out or do the thing that am anxious about!! You kind of shake yourself together and purposefully try and prove to yourself that you can do it, out of anger!! If that makes sense!! Hahaha

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