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Benefits of positive thinking

Today I quickly read the topics in the blog and noticed something, that in general these were negative thoughts. Anxiety loves negative thoughts and in my experience focuss's your mind in the wrong direction. Instead of thinking I am feeling low today and shariing the low feelings, try to think positive and share your highs with others using this blog. Hopefully the positives will spread and help others. Try to focus on a positive event in the future, maybe a birthday or holiday and focus on making it a great day or welcome break. Push those negative thoughts out of your head. Being in the company of upbeat postive thinking people does help you, believe me it worked for me.

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Well said what i lovely blog x


Absolutely right.

Every day I try to focus on or look forward to something good I'm doing that day. It could the cinema that afternoon, a TV programme I'm interested in, a bootfair that morning or just a favourite meal that night.

It certainly helps me feel a bit better.


Hi Kevin,

You are so right, that's how i cope with my Anxious feelings and negative thoughts, I push them to the back of my mind into a little box, and lock them away. It really helps me! and i just concentrate on happy thoughts. I will always see the future as a bright one, when i begin to feel down. And exercise, reading a good book and enjoying a Film helps too. x




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