Positive :):):)

Well I've only gone and done it. Stayed here all day on my own. I'm so proud of myself my son was ok too my ex took him to school and his brother picked him up. I was so worried because I thought he would be sad or walk back home to the old house. Had visitors all day. My son got put on remand until 17th December. So I've actually coped well. Gonna try and keep it up for the sake of my son. Thanks to you lot helping me through it all xx


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  • Hi

    I said I knew you would do a positive post soon & you have !!!

    Well done , I hope you feel proud of yourself :-)

    I knew you could do it !!!




  • Well done, I'm really proud of you. A whole day, wow that is a huge leap and your son came back to the house. Wonderful news xx

  • Well done Scooby x I know it was,nt easy this move for you x but you have done it and now you are posting positively xx Its so nice you have your family helping you to xx :) Donver xx

  • Evening donver.

    Am well pleased for you, you have gone through a lot the last couple of days.

    At the house all day as well. Am happy you are more settled now.

    Gardener x

  • Good evening Gardener xx :)

  • I feel better here at the other house we didn't see anyone after school until the next day even though we had friends there because it's winter no one came out. My family all live within 10 minutes away. I've had all my curtains put up getting storage things tomorrow. Then I can relax when I can't see the bags and boxes.

  • I am really pleased to read what you have manage to do today !

    Thats a positive as I no you got lonely & now you have your family near :-)

    You have done so well :-)


  • If it wasn't for this site and all my friends on here I would of cracked. My anxieties been fine so fingers crossed x

  • hi scoobyd, so proud of you , you have done brill, you have certainly turned the corner, so proud of you. xxx

  • What a brilliant post, so very positive and so much achieved by you.

    You should be very proud of yourself and a HUGE pat on the back

    It's always so great to read posts like this and overcoming those anxieties.

    Just great and I wish you well in your new house. Julie xx

  • Thanks I had a bit of a wobble in the night that's it

  • Understandably.... you have to get used to your new surroundings.

    When I wake somewhere unfamiliar I can get a bit panicky until I realise where I am.

    But you have done so very well. Have a great day. Love Julie xx

  • Xxx thanks

  • Brilliant Scooby, now once you get your things sorted how you like them I'm sure you will begin to settle down. We are so proud of you.

    Kenny xxx

  • this is brilliant news and definitely needs celebrating . Any choocy in the cupboard?


  • Hi everyone I'm ok sometimes I wanna go home. It feels like a dream but its so relaxing here I can walk about places without worrying. My son enjoys it too he's got his friend over tonight from where we used to live. Had a phone call off my son he's on the detox programme in prison on remand until 17th December sounds great even though I'm still angry with him.

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