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Positive updates

I am spurred on by Lizards positive blog. Perhaps we should all try once a week to post a positive blog. Here are three positives from me.

On Saturday I enjoyed a stroll around some local lakes with family.

On Friday I accomplished quite a complex task at work.

On Friday I took a group of young people to a youth group meeting.

Now lets hear from some others. It will do us all good!

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Let us no how it goes

Good for you





Hi grayem it's lovely to read your positive stuff x

I took my son to xscape castleford to watch a movie(had a panic attack last time but this time it went well)

I have read a book (couldn't take in one sentence a few months ago)

I had my sons friend round to play (with his mum and sibling) haven't done this for a year and I have felt so guilty about it but the play date went really well too

Eve x


Well done Eve that is real progress.


Well done Em !!!!

1. I drove 10 miles to cut my Auntie's grass, trim her bush :-) weed her boarders, trim her clematis, as she is in the early stages of dimentia and is struggling, and I want to help her.

I sneaked a biscuit past her daughter (carer) as she said she wasn't allowed one before lunch, and we had a laugh dunking them hiding in the garden.

She looked after me alot when I was young and my mum couldn't cope, and I will help her forever.

2. I helped my dad go to a hospital appointment for his hip op, he cant walk very well, but is very proud. I managed to get him to accept it.

3. I took my Wife and son out for a drivey, (my wife cant drive) and we had a cup of coffee in the sunshine of Canterbury city centre, in amongst the bubub. They like this, I struggle a little in the crowds, but I'm getting so much better.

On the to do list :-)

Today after three weeks of looking at this letter which says I must make an appointment to see a Cardiologist specialist, I will finally do it, hopefully :-)

B xxx

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That is really great. Hope you manage to get the appointment booked.


Thanks Em,

Great blog by the way !!!

I'm working on it now lol, silly really but picking that phone up, it could be the start of my end, and to be honest, i'd rather go out no knowing, but if its my karma then so be it.

Yes, the problem is solved, here goes...................


I love number one. I bet that was just the medicine your Auntie needed.

I bet you were giggling like a couple of naughty school children.

I love seeing older people be naughty like that. Brings us all back to childhood being cheeky x


Thanks karen :-)

Yes, it was fun, and my auntie liked it.

She had a hard life, being made to marry, having five kids, and being kicked to the floor by her husband, if everything wasn't perfect when he got home from work.

I saw him beat his kids, kick them down the stairs etc.

She is a good soul, yet her daughter, my cousin, her carer, is treating her like a child, and putting her down a bit, and its not nice to see.

I'm going to say something next time I'm down there.

Wishing you well



Lovely post....... xx


Really positive things B, and I'm so glad that you are able to be there for your auntie at this time in her life. Your visit will have made such a difference for


Such good advice! Thank you everyone, lovely read.

Over the weekend - I went for a long walk with my partner and we sat for 3 hours in the blissful sun, i didnt think about my anxiety once!

I also saw my sister, her husband and neice and we had a wonderful BBQ - I didnt kthink about my anxiety once!

i went shopping with my partner for new clothes and the hussle and bussle of the shopping centre didnt drive me insane to the point i wanted to curl up and die! I actually enjoyed shopping!! that is a first for me!!

I promise to stay positive -


Its good to hear all these positive stories coming out. It really helps.


Really good to hear positivity!!! Just had my first counselling session and already fell a bit better - my three are

1) Saw my counsellor for the first time, cried my eyes out and left feeling improvement for the first time since I "fell".

2) Lay on my lawn and really looked at some plants close up for the first time, despite being quite experienced in this I never realised how beautiful they are up close - I sound like a hippy I know(!) but its true - have a look.

3) Spent part of my night looking at my beautiful daughter asleep realising how lucky I am she is happy and well.


I love the idea of looking at the plants like that ~ might take the camera out with me


Keep them coming!


Thats a great idea, and lovely to read what people are doing!!

My days are occupied with creating my e-commerce site for my hats and fascinators, but this is good, (when I split from my partner 3 months ago, I had no idea what I was gona do cos Id given up my job to move up there......)

So Im loving taking some independance back..... a big positive for me....

Keep strong everyone...

Lots of love Ker xx


Sounds like the kind of site my wife would like


Feel free for her to check it out

Ah wait.... am I allowed to do that??


Thanks will take a look at your site.


Excellent :-)


Your hats are beautiful Anne, you're a very talented


Hi Anne,

I will definitely look at that. Advertise as much as you want and I will pass this on to my friends. We all want some hats for weddings.

I love all these positive comments. Well done everybody. xx


Thanks Eunice, that's very much appreciated!!

Stay Well xx



Great idea for a blog and it's been nice reading everyone's contributions.

To add to all the other comments, I've had my best few days for sometime. As a result I did the following:

1) gave into temptation on Saturday and bought a real hammock - something I have wanted for years but never had the courage to buy (well I reckon you only live once!)

2) cleared an area of the garden of brambles for several hours to make space for said new hammock. I wish I had felt l up to doing this months ago before it became a jungle...

3) spent all night under the stars wrapped up in a warm duvet swinging in aforementioned hammock - a pretty amazing experience and something I have never done before. There was no wind, a great view of the plough and a rather confused looking cat for company.

Now whereabouts did I put those other bags of energy and courage....


Ahh thats lovely......... love this blog.....

Good for you xx


Wow ~ this sounds fantastic. Well


Wow that is impressive. Did you actually get any sleep?


Hi GreyEm,

I did keep waking up, but to be honest that was part of the charm. The later into the night it got the clearer the stars became. I was toasty warm but did get a cold nose at times!

It was a novel experience this morning to push the cat off my stomach and roll out of a hammock in the garden rather than my bed. I have been under canvas in a tent many a time but never slept directly under the stars before. It was magic - can recommend it to those who are brave enough (or daft enough) to do it!

And not too tired today either.

Rain forecast tonight, so back indoors :-( Ah well, back to normality.....for now anyway...


Sounds idyllic!!


Hi grey, your blog is great really positive, so here goes.

1. Today I passed a practical medicines management assessment in my 2nd year nurses training.

2. I managed to walk down the street and gontontrain station for uni without crying as I've been feeling really down just lately.

3. I had a good time with my friend on Saturday when we smoked and drank and had a laugh not done that for a while.

Littlesofty xx


Congratulations on passing your assessment that really is positive news. Thanks for sharing.


Hi Gray,

Love this blog :) Glad to see everyone focusing on the positives.

Hope you're ok.



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