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Has anyone else had their disorder for years, during that time tried various medications and different forms of counselling and therapies and although have had times when the anxiety is under control are still suffering from the same difficulties. I worry if I'll ever been able to control it to live a normal life and the life I want to live?! I have finally learnt to understand what causes the anxiety but wonder why I cant change enough to make it controlled? x


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  • HI, i feel like i have been suffering forever going up and down over time like a yoyo and i too worry that it will never go away and i will never be able to do the things in life i want to. i am waiting for cbt as i am told it is such fantastic treatment.........have you tried it?

  • Yes and it works! But you have to work the CBT process to make it work. Good luck. I've been through this and if I can help let me know. LKominek

  • Hi I have only felt like this for 6 months (6 months too long) I am doing CBT at the moment only had 2 sessions get another on this Wednesday too early to say if its helping me as of yet but hoping and praying it will as I dont want to be like this forever either

  • I have had anxiety and OCD for 10 years, but very bad over the last 4 months, I tried self help books which didn't really work for me, so now have medication and CBT (10 sessions in) sometimes I feel it will never go away but other days I feel so strong, we can beat this and get back to our normal lives !

  • Hi how long is your CBT session mine is only 20 minutes dont think its long enough

  • should be at least 40 minutes. LKominek

  • Mine is 60 mins but normally we run on and can be about 75 mins, I would say that 20 mins is no where near enough, do you get given an agenda at the start of your session? I get this then we do the therapy and get given homework. hope yours goes well tomorrow

  • Hi been told if I dont find the 20 mins is working I can go for the 60 minute one.So far when I go in I have to do a score sheet on how anxious I am then I get work books to do at home.I get 7 sessions at 20 minutes then I think I will need the 60 miute ones as we just get started and time is up frustrating

  • Yeah I know what you mean, even after an hour I wish we could on! Push for the 60 mins session.

  • im going to xxxx

  • hi, ive suffered anxiety for many years i have tried lots of ssri type anti depressents im currently on a low dose of buspirone and even thats isnt helping im currently on a waiting list for psychotherapy xx

  • HI, I've had anxiety for years, too many and it's blighted my life. Luckily I started doing voluntary work for Anxiety UK about 3 years ago and my life has started to change for the better. I feel valued, I'm doing something worthwhile and I get loads of encouragement and support from staff and other vols who all understand anxiety and are cool with it and don't judge. This seems to have made a big difference to me because it has boosted my self confidence which meds and therapy never have to be honest.

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