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Hi,I was wondering if anyone has both of these,I have had them both for 3 plus years,I'm 48,and can't getting to the stage I can't cope,the feeling of dread,the body checking,thinking I have cancer all the time,I think the anxiety feeds the health anxiety ,I just wish I could make it go away but I can't,now I start to feel bad if I have a couple glasses of wine as I could bring on cancer,I know to most people they will think I'm nuts but starting to take more and more control of my life,so I feel bad for doing stuff,just wish I could be normal,and enjoy life,been a bad day today,wish I could flick a switch and make it go away 😥


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  • I totally agree, I've only been dealing with this for 4 months and I'm constantly worried about everything. I wish it could just go away.

  • I have suffered from it most of my life. There have been times I couldnt get out of bed due to my convincing I was sick :(

  • "I'm nuts but starting to take more and more control of my life,so I feel bad for doing stuff,"

    Hello there, Van! Believe me. I do NOT think you are nuts. Nope. Nosiree... You are just being extremely honest about how you feel.

    The reason I isolated that one sentence of yours is because (to me) it hits upon a problem that I can recall very, VERY well.

    First of all, we are bombarded by constant propaganda to PROMOTE CANCER into our thinking. At least we are in the States! Cancer is big business and it serves as the biggest money maker for both the AMA and Big Pharma.... They WANT you to be afraid....and I'm afraid don't actually want you to get well if you DO have it... admittedly some drs are the exception.

    Saying 'the heck with worrying I'm taking control' is like 'being disrepectful'... especially if you were raised radical right religiously with Fear and Guilt Conditioning being the main are always supposed to be 'at the MERCY of' whatever... Maybe if you take a positive attitude you WILL come down with you have to stay humble and afraid... At least, this is what I went through....took YEARS to overcome this....and yes, once inawhile it will come back a little bit but now I can see it for The Lie it is...

    I finally had to take the attitude: well, if I die, I die....So screw it all...I am going to Let Go and stay in the NOW and have some fun. Could I recommend a good book to you? Its called "The Places That Scare You" by Pema Chodron.... no, it is NOT about 'religion' is about compassion, understanding, and common sense. I have a feeling you WILL be just fine!!!! Don't be afraid to believe it... oh no, we are not looking for Perpetutal Bliss.... just knowing "This too, will pass" pretty much offers what we are looking for!! Hang in there! :)


  • Thank you ,it's reasuring to know that I'm not the only one and yes here in Scotland you are bombarded with to ads etc ,and I don't think it helps to constantly ram it down people's throats,I will try and get that book,I'm willing to try anything,getting desperate for some peace

  • BettyA. I work in a hospital and yes, I'm bombarded with cancer scare all of the time. I've gotten to hate that blasted pink ribbon. Our hospital hangs Breast cancer awareness banners each October. I actually have an almost agoraphobia about even going out this time of year because of being assaulted with breast xancer awareness.

    And yes I do feel that if I enjoy life and stop worrying, something bad will happen

  • i know this is an old post but the bit about enjoying life and stop worrying really resonated with me - I'm not sure if I'm glad that someone else feels the same way about things as me or really bad because feeling like this is awful - I'm convinced it becomes a self perpetuating vicious cycle but the one time i don't worry or act will be the one time I'm seriously ill. But i just want to enjoy life at the same time its horrible

  • Hi, yes I suffer just like you it horrific mines not about getting ill, mines is I'm just unable to do any every day tasks, and just can't think of the next day to get through, so you can imagine the thought of the future is to overwhelming for me, I do no how long I can cope with it, I v been bad since January, I struggle really badly with the build up to Christmas ( when I'm well ) The thought of it coming is TERRIFING Me already, I battle to get though a normal day, I'm so very sad, alone and terrified of the future and I just don't seem to be getting any better X

  • Hi, I know what you mean it's a constant struggle ,the fear is the worst I think,and I to feel sad ,afraid,it's not nice,sending you hugs xx

  • Hi vans I meant to ask you please can you tell me what the different anxiteys are ?? I was diagnosed with server anxtiey didn't know they had different types, how you feeling tonight ?

  • Hi,I have anxiety and health anxiety ,I worry incase I become ill,especially cancer,it's a horrible thing to have,having a bad day today ,as I said before I think they feed one another,just wish I could stop 😢

  • I've had HA off and on for over 20 years and it's awful. The constant checking and worrying.

    I'm over 50 now and seem to be bombarded in the press etc with all the symptoms I should watch out for and illnesses 'the over 50's' are prone to. I shake with fear sometimes after a Dr Google session!

    The worst thing ever invented for people with HA is the internet!

  • Hi, you are just like me,I have tried to stop looking up symptoms as makes me worse and as you say think they are bombarding us to much with information its what makes us like this ! Think I need a brain transplant lol ,I have to laugh or I'll cry xx

  • Van. I feel exactly the way you do. Sometimes I feel I can't live another day like this. I'm terrified of breast cancer and I find myself thinking every sensation in that area is cancer growing. I want my life back so bad. I miss living. I miss looking forward to life and having fun. I miss enjoying my children.

  • Hi,it's the same with me I've found 3 lumps the past 3 years ,and thankfully cysts ,I have fibrocystic disease,nothing major runs in families my mother had it to,have had to get 2 needle biopsys the second time was the scariest thing I have had done in all my life,and when I find a lump it's 8 plus weeks before I can get it checked out,so scarred ,and then this week with Jackie Collins dying from it I broke down in tears,fearing for my self,I know it's selfish but can't help it 😢

  • I know exactly what you mean every time I hear someone dies of cancer, it sends me into an awful attack. Ironically, my husband who had cancer says it was almost a gift. He now is able to enjoy every second of every day because he knows life is precious. I pray for that but I can only still live in fear. Plus, I work in a hospital and that is where the cancer was diagnosed. So every day I go in, it is like being exposed to my greatest fear.

  • Hi,wow he must be very brave,I wish I could think like that! I have lost a few family members to cancer,my dad,my 7 year old nephew and a few others which have left deep scars ,which I'm trying hard to heal,I also work in a hospital,and the department is closing down early next year so I will be transferred to the wards were my dad died and I can't go there ,every time I see the ward door the fear ,panic set in big time,you sound so much like me ,fingers crossed we can overcome this,I'm in my second round of counciling ,second app this week just ,just want it to go away,I sat with a handful of pills a couple of weeks ago ,but could not go through with it,it just gets you so down sometimes,sending you hugs xx

  • I know exactly how you feel. I'm writing this in the parking garage of my hospital office. I've already seen bald pts (indication of chemo) so my anxiety is already high. I started to panic on the way in so I concentrated on the car in front of me and simply started describing it out loud. This is called mindfulness. My therapist had me do it. It actually helped me this time. I find I have to say things out loud. My mind races too fast to just do it in my mind. If im somewhere I can't talk out loud, I'm going to try to write it down. I'm going to have to bring my anxiety down before I walk through my office door. I actually feel like sitting here in my dark car and bawling.

  • I just have to post and tell someone that I'm in my car and I don't think I can go to work. I've started crying and the anxiety is so high right now. I feel so alone and so frightened. I feel like I'm going to die.

  • O Carmel wish I could give you a big hug,my therapist tells me to imagine yourself standing on a train platform and the trains are stopping and going all the time,but you don't have to get on the train you can let it stop and go away it's the same with the thought when it comes in to your head don't follow it let it go ,I know it sounds stupid but I find it sometimes works,can you try and get app with your doctor? Think you should try xx

  • I hesitate to write this because I don't want to scare you thinking I'm some stalker.....but I looked out of my parking garage at the horizon and thought about Scotland and thought that there was a person over there who understood completely what I was going through and it gave me some peace. I have isolated myself so much - i don't socialize, I don't talk to my family about my anxiety.....there are lots of reasons why. But, I believe anxiety grows stronger in isolation. When nothing or no one challenges it, it conquers a little bit more of your soul every day. I feel so alone most of the time. My fears are so REAL that it makes me angry when someone who doesn't know what it feels like tries to talk me out of it. It is like trying to believe that 2 + 2=5. My fears are so real that I discount anyone who tries to tell me otherwise. I guess I'm just saying that when I thought of someone else feeling like I do, I didn't feel so alone anymore. I hope you can take some comfort that there is someone across the pond who can identify with everything you are going through. Again, I don't mean to come on too strong and frighten you. I just wanted to let you know that you helped me get out of my car and come into work. Thanks

  • No you don't scare me I'm the same it's good to know someone else feels what I do and I'm not a freak as I sometimes feel,it's good you managed to go to work as I think it helps takes your mind away from it,not completly but stops you thinking to much about things ,chin up,hope your feeling a wee bit better now xx

  • I hope you feel better too! :)

  • hi van scotland sorry to hear your having such problems with depression and anxiety if it helps your not alone ! have you been to your doctor if not please do so because he maybe can help put your mind at rest he may send you for councilling or give you some short term meds ! please get help the sooner the better ! take care david

  • Hi, yes been to gp and now just started second time round councilling, fingers crossed this works this time it did for a while the last time but comes back to bite you on the bum again,thanks for kind words it does help xx

  • Oh how I cried reading this , relief to know I'm not the only one . Mine started after my mum was diagnosed with stage 4 , then we were both diagnosed with brca 2 and now all I can think is when Am I going to get it . Is all I hear, see & read from bloody Facebook to the tv. I wish cancer would do one im exhausted . No one gets it how this has affected me . Every pain or physical symptom I think ' here we go it's got me ' I also have coeliac so that just makes it worse when my body plays up. I'm so fed up of it and I'm so short tempered at my beautiful kids and I feel like crap

  • Was diagnosed with GAD + OCD + Health Anxiety = Really bad combination. I was constantly worried about my heart since my dad died from a heart attack. I actually had one but God healed me from it. But the scare was still there until I got water baptized. The fear for a heart disease suddenly vanished however it was replaced by another one. Anxiety is a bad thing. I hate it. I don't like the feeling of it.

    We can and will recover. I for instance have known the truth that by His striped we were healed. I don't care if you are a believer or not. One thing is for sure, God can free us. I was healed and freed from one of my anxieties and he can do it to you, too.

    God bless everyone!

  • I understand 100% I am 28 years old and have suffered from health anxiety for YEARS!!! Most of my life to be exact. Today mine has reared its ugly head and I have almost convinced myself of spinal tumors. Cried, called my best friend and she was talked me down like she always does. It is no joke and the pain we suffer (mentally) is terrible!!!! I dont think it ever totally diminishes. Mine was silent for about 6 or 7 months and today BOOM it hit me hard. Caught me off guard. I started writing down all my fears as they would come. Everything I was convinced I had. One day I BROKE DOWN TO MY HUSBAND (who is a cancer survivor) and told him all of it and we just prayed. I have scriptures that helps get rid of my fears and worries then they will return but I try to occupy my mind so these things stay away. I pray for you and pray it all leaves you!!!

  • omg i go through the same thing dont know how to cope with it

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