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Hi my name is Sam, I have anxiety and depression for many years with variations of intensity. I have just finished my degree and have become more anxious after finishing it as I think I was bottling up my anxiety just to complete my degree, however now I am finished, I really want to relax and socialise more with my friends but feel like I dont no how to do either with anxiety. Has anyone found any relaxation techniques that have been effective or ways of goal setting that have decreased anxiety. Sometimes I just try to carry on with what I am doing but because I am anxious I dont no how to start conversations or just feel like I need to get back home and other times I bear the anxiety and stay in the situation and it reduces.

Any tips in anxiety reduction without medication?

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Hi have a look at this website it has breathing exercises and tips to relax and keep calm I refer to it a lot,my favourite one is to close our eyes breathe in and think of the colour blue (calm) and breathe out the colour red (danger).Its Sharon x


Hi Sam, that's great that you have completed a degree, you must be so proud!! Definitely an achievement! I find that breathing techniques work really well also, it's jus about focusing on something positive and that you enjoy! I can completely relate to you finding it hard to socialise with friends especially when you're anxious, if you're able to, try and carry on, the less you do it the harder it becomes I have found x


HI Sam, congrats on finishing your degree that is such an achievement! I personally don't find breathing techniques help me but being around understanding people and taking things slowly has really helped me. I have been suffering from anxiety for about 7 years and have regularly avoided going out and socialising because of my anxiety. I used to then put more pressure on myself for not having a 'good time' and built every evening or social occasion up to the point that I spoilt them every time. I had CBT last year which helped me gain confidence in myself again and realise that despite changing it wasn't all for the worse and I could still be the fun, outgoing person I used to be. Gradually I took small steps at a time and had understanding friends around me and now I feel like I can be me and enjoy myself, I try not to build up pressure around an evening out as that is when anxiety sets in and I end up feeling down about it not being the 'best time ever' or me not being the 'life and soul' of the party but it has been so rewarding to hear my friends tell me that 'it's like having the old me back' or 'you were on such good form last night' because I now know that I haven't changed and I am still me, and I have positive memories to remind me of that. I also find that drinking is not good for my anxiety and if I don't fancy drinking I can still have a great time - I used to think people would judge me for not drinking but no one bats an eye lid and I can happily drink or not drink depending on my mood! This may not be the case for you but it has certainly been my experience - hope it helps in some shape or form and sorry for such a long response!!! Good luck! x



I would not have thought of it before I experienced anxiety myself, but if you have a Buddhist centre close to you, pay them a visit and join in one of the many sessions they offer - each will focus upon breathing and relaxation, and just being in such a centre can be a real relaxing experience. No one there will try to 'convert' you; no one there will ask questions - they are simply kind and gentle people who will be pleased to see you and welcome you to the sessions. There are always introductory sessions so you have no need to worry about sitting cross-legged for hours! They provide a chair, a quiet and peaceful setting and the opportunity to simply stop and try to empty your mind.

Really is worth a go

good luck



Thank you so much for your responses it has really helped me feel a bit better about myself, it is true that I also put alot of pressure on myself to be the life of soul of the party when i would rather relax instead, I hardly ever drink due to the hangovers resembling anxiety attacks and it is true that people are normally too busy drinking to notice you havent had a drink. I have tried my best to keep going with even just spending more time with the family, I even braved a ghost train yesterday and even though I felt like I couldnt breathe near the end of the ride it was such an achievement when I came out! Trying to focus on my surroundings in detail seems to work in reducing anxiety as the hardest thing about my anxiety is the feeling of dizzy along with blurred vision. I dont really think I have acknowledged personally I have finished my degree as I always seem to be worrying about the next thing I am doing, focussing on what I have achieved is something I really need to work on to boost my mood


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