What are the chances that i could be pregnant?

I have a phobia of sickness and this affects me greatly. However, it also makes me feel like i'm pregnant all the time. I last had sex a month ago, we used a condom, it didn't split or break, i'm on the pill, i have never missed one or taken it late/early, i've haven't been sick or on antibiotics which could effect it. And i've had a regular period since. What are the chances that i'm pregnant? my boyfriend is always convincing me that i'm not, but i still worry.


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  • Take a test then you will know

  • Speaking from experience (I have two Children) I honestly don't think your pregnant! but as previous poster said, I would take a test and put your mind at rest. I have felt the same thing as you before ('Im not emetophobic, just had a feeling that turned out to be nothing), and it totally put my mind at ease. I think you would just know if you are pregnant or not, so take a test :) xxx

  • I also have a child and like the above poster agree that it is very very unlikely from what you have said. But if it'll put your mind at ease then take a test :) x

  • god you sound like me about a year ago........i was convinced all the time about this and the anwser was always no......i hade a coil and a condom becouse i was sooooooo anxious about it. if you are pregnent with all your protection then i think your partner may have super sperm!!!!! x

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