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Don't know if I should chance it or not

My husband was suggesting a short trip away (5 hour drive one way from where we live) for an overnighter. While I have no problem with getting out and about in general I don't know how I would fare with this 24 hour every day suffocation feeling going on along with tightness in chest at times, soreness in throat. I'd hate to go on this trip and not really enjoy myself because I'm feeling like I'm suffocating all the time and feeling like garbage. My sister says that by getting away my symptoms could very possibly go away during that time but not so sure when this has been going on for 16 weeks straight now. I also wondered if maybe I would be best doing a trial run closer to home (2 hour drive one way) for an overnighter and see how that went. Any thoughts?

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Hi there:)

I can relate some what to this.

I use to feel like this... I found once I was there I was ok:)

I think we fear the thought of being away from your normal surroundings when infact it's the opposite. I would go, enjoy the break and try and not focus on how you are feeling. Go with the flow as they say:)

Check out these websites;

Headspace and

They may help you .

Good luck xx


Thanks. Done deal, I have booked the room. We are going to the city that is 2 hours away instead of the one that is 5 hours away.


Well done Hun, enjoy yourself:) x


Thanks. Therapist says a good idea to get out of town, get my mind off of stuff.


Are you thinking going somewhere you know? Cos this might make a difference. I am much more confidant going somewhere familiar where I know what to expect. Would it help help if you planned to do something you both enjoyed while you where there? Have you talked with your husband about going somewhere nearer home? Try checking out the websites suggested to see if they might help.



Actually we have been to this city several times in the past for weekend getaways. We have decided to go to the city that is 2 hours away instead and I have booked a room. What was bothering me more was going away and my stupid suffocation feeling would ramp up and therefore ruining the getaway. I have no problem getting out as it is or going anywhere. I could be sitting in my own home and the suffocation feeling would ramp up for no reason, it's ridiculous. Who knows, going away may just calm all of this down. I just have to see how it goes. Thanks for your input.


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