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Pregnant and Major Panick Attack


I'm 39 weeks pregnant and I can't wait to give birth! The anxiety is killing me and I just had a major panick attack to the point where I couldn't catch my breathe and I was shaking a lot. It's so uncomfortable to sleep throughout the night, and the baby gets into a position where I struggle to breathe which triggers my anxiety. It's funny cause I was so terrified of giving birth but now I can't wait to give birth because I don't want to put the baby through my anxiety issues while he's inside me. He can come any day now which makes me feel even more anxious, hopefully he comes soon, I'm not sure how much longer I can take :,(

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Hang in there AnxietyBarbie, when you see his beautiful little face, you will cry tears

of joy and not fear. Our thoughts are with you xx

Yes I cannot wait! I'll feel better once I'm holding him in my arms.

Good luck for your future arrival. When I was pregnant I found listening to relaxing music helpful I then took this music in to the delivery room. Xx

Thank you! Music is really soothing, I'll try that once I'm in labor.

33 weeks pregnant and anxious for that day too! It will come and it will be so worth it. I totally understand not having much space left in your body but try and embrace it while you can & good luck to you!!

Congrats! Yes I feel like once we hold our babies in our arms all the pain and struggle will seem worth it. For now it's hard to be patient having to deal with the uncomfortableness of little one constantly kicking my ribs, but I hope he'll be here in about a week, my due date is October 6 :)

Good luck and make sure to have a good mental health plan for when the baby is born, we are prone to pnd. Try taking a nice shower/bath with lavender essential oils (but check if you are allowed to use it while pregnant).

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Thank you! Yea I plan on discussing options with my OB. In the mean time light excercises seem to be helping.

First, CONGRATULATIONS!! I have no clue who you are but I'm SO excited for you. 👶🍼!!!!!

Try to take it easy (I know, easier said than done) and enjoy the last week of pregnancy. I know it sounds crazy but one day you will miss it!

Second - have you talked to your ob about maybe getting on meds after your little squish is born? My ob put me on Zoloft immediately after birth both times.. partially preventative. (Zoloft is safe for bf) If you have anxiety and panic attacks already, I'd probably talk to your doctor if you haven't yet.

Thank you so much! I've been trying to stay active to get my mind off things and it seems to be helping. Ill consider taking anxiety medication after baby is born, it's just since my attacks aren't constant I don't feel the need for it, but I guess it would be good as a preventative and to keep my anxiety low :)

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