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Feeling sick everyday with anxiety?

So i've suffered from anxiety throughout my life, it had always been quite mild. Then i became depressed last year when i left school, i had nothing to focus my mind on or get up for .. so things began to creep up on me. Everyday since then my anxiety has become worse, i no longer feel that depressed .. i'm attending univeristy in september or supposed to be .. but with this anxiety it just seems so unrealistic. I feel sick every minute of the day .. heightened when i go out. I get panic attacks because i think i am going to be sick. Does anyone else feel this way? Or have felt this way? I feel like i can't focus on anything but feeling sick. I can't eat .. i haven't eaten anything in 3 days .. the thought and smell of food literally gets me. I have been to the doctors .. she said it was anxiety but i also have high blood pressure which i'm going back tomorrow to get tested. But does anxiety for you cause these problems? Can anxiety be the cause of high blood pressure? What have you done/doing to overcome this. Any answers would be great. Thankyou

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hello there

i had the same problem but much worse! i had all of these feeling; the good news is all of these feelings are not real, i mean nothing bad will happen to you, so be sure that you can overcome to these feelings.

i went to the doctor when i had several panic attack and i was suffering from high blood pressure and so many other problem. i got medication and start to take them, after a while i feel much better and then i start exercise, meditation and good diet.

i highly recommend you:

1- no caffeine

2- no sugar

3- no alcohol

4- increase chicken and fish

5- decrease meet and carbohydrate

6- 20 min daily exercise- remember that before that you have to warm up and then start exercise like cardio. when your heart rate get high and you feel little sweat continue for 10 min and then stop. it helps your brain for chemistry balance

7- increase water

8- and most important thing is do something spiritual, like going to church, pray or whatever that can give you a good energy

finally if i can overcome to this matter, then you can too and i am pretty sure about it


Try not to worry too much about the blood pressure, i am sure if you have high blood pressure the doctor will give you tablets to control this. I have had anxiety for the last 4 years and according to my doctor I have low blood pressure so maybe its not connected!! Hope you go on ok!



feeling anxious and sick at the same sounds so familiar to me. I remember weeks when I was not able to eat any solids. I lost a lot of weight in my worst time. I was like constant tension in my solar plexus which was effecting my breathing and digestion. It was giving me physical pain but it was not responding to pain killers. Eventually I found the way how to get rid of it and I must say I feel almost back in control now. It is called the dissolving anxiety exercise and it dissolves physical feelings which follow anxiety. At least it makes a difference for me and it is so relieving to know that I can do it again it anxiety comes back.


hi i feel sick a lot with anxiety to the point i cant eat properly too x


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