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Feeling sick

I just feel so nauseous and weak, almost like I have the flu, muscles hurt and I'm more out of it than usual. I just cut down on my medication so that might be it but my psychiatrist says my symptoms shouldn't be as severe as I'm describing them so it's probably just anxiety. I'm getting headaches too, and I've been dizzy. Seriously feels like dying of some sort of terminal illness. Sometimes my anxiety is so bad I feel like I would gladly trade it for a terminal illness, at least then there would be an end in sight and I would know what was going on. And I could go on with the rest of my life. hate this. feeling ticked off and sick. I couldn't go to my family's christmas party I was so ill, they'll be mad at me because they don't understand it. i'm 20 years-old, I should be out partying with my friends and going to school but I can't. I'm in therapy and I see a psychiatrist but it just doesn't seem to be helping. i feel hopeless.

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im sorry to be reading this. I haven't been feeling well tonight either. I went to X mas eve dinner last night and felt off the whole time so I decided not to go tonight. I feel the same about having to describe to people who don't understand and then I start feeling guilty about it but I cant worry about pleasing everyone, your health comes first! I just turned 26 and anxiety has totally taken over my life in the past year.. so much that I can barely work anymore. Don't feel hopeless. Ive had the same thought about preferring to have a different illness cause at least people would know how to treat it where as anxiety is an endless trial and error struggle. It will get better though I promise!


Hi. The first thing is - don't worry about what others will think. Your main focus for now should be your health and how to survive this illness. Many people on here totally understand the despair and fear that anxiety engenders. The symptoms you mention are all associated with anxiety, and you mention a reduction in your medication as a possible contributor to your current distress. Maybe that is something to be reviewed with your doctor. There have been times when I feel exactly like you - I want it all just to end. You mention being in therapy, and for me, that is excellent news. But sometimes we might expect too much too soon from therapy. I am often surprised it is not understood that there is a cause for our illness, whether that illness is physical or mental. There is a reason for people developing anxiety disorder - a cause, a trigger. Just dealing with the symptoms is not enough. The cause is still there. No doctor would dream of continuously prescribing painkillers to someone having permanent headaches without investigation. I have seen thousands of clients over the years, and I always tell them that there will not necessarily be any quick fix, and that I am not in the business of just dealing with symptoms. So If I could advise you I would say this - therapy may take a longer time than you may have imagined it would, and if you need short-term medication to help you along the way then fine. I am sure you know all about techniques for dealing with anxiety when it strikes, and part of that is about how you respond when you feel under attack. Sorry this is long. I wish you well.

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Hi motivate

You seem to know alot about causes of anxiety? I'm weighing the idea of going to a hypnosis in the new year as I as well are out of ideas


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