Constantly anxious- feeling sick

Has anyone got to the same stage I have where the anxiety is just constantly there and even in your safe place you feel sick. You may not always actually feel anxious consciously but a small part in the back of your mind is working and you just feel sick all the time? Does anyone get this or know anything about it? It'd be nice to know it's not just me. :/

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  • It's not just you! When I start to have a panic attack or if I'm feeling particularly anxious, I cannot eat at all for the nausea. It's totally normal but very unpleasant. I really wish that it wouldn't happen but as it's normal, I don't think it can be avoided.

  • hi, yes, I have suffered that for quite a while now, I had to go to give evidence at crown court, and everytime I thought about things I would retch, then got to stage where would physically vomit, got prescribed domperidome tablets, which do help to stop that, although still have rest of things to deal with, maybe you could get some off doc, hope this helps

  • Yeah, I think I have them, not many but my doctor did give me a small pack. I just tend not to use them that much as I don't want to get reliant upon them, but they do make me feel better when I'm at my worst. Thank you. :)

  • I got put on those tablets but another doctor took me off of them, I take metocloprimide

  • Yes, I feel nauseous, retch or am actually sick before events or public performances of any kind. I'm afraid I haven't found a way of preventing it, though deep breathing can sometimes help.

  • At the moment I am feeling like whole chunks of my day are being taken up by me feeling so nauseous I can't eat, drink, concentrate or do anything. Today I have felt so bad that I had to cancel something I love doing and I hate myself for it right now. I used to be able to control my anxiety and at the moment I feel like it is controlling me, I can't let it go and when I am in the midst of a panic there is nothing that anyone can do to get me out of it. I can't go on like this! Sorry for hijacking this post but having just discovered this forum I feel relieved to see I am not alone in this. It has got to the point where I am actually scared of eating in case it triggers off me feeling sick. I feel like I am the only one in the world that feels like this and so totally alone but I know that I am not.

  • I'm sorry, I know how awful it is to have that uncontrollable panicky feeling. My doctor says it is one of the most common reasons for people visiting their GP, so you are definitely not alone. I hope things get better for you soon.

  • Thank you for your comments - they are referring me for more CBT - had some last year and it helped but hasn't really addressed it totally, things have just come to a head recently and I feel a bit lost with it all. Don't want to go down the route of prescription drugs - need to try this on my own, but it is hard!

  • Oh I am so sorry to hear how much it affects you! I thought i was alone just like you did until I found a few websites last year as well as a girl my friend knows who's in the same position as us. It makes you feel better to know it isn't just you but at the same time you feel that there should be more done to help with it. I really hope your CBT works for you and things start to get better.




  • 60 years! How have you coped?? All the things that you have described are things that i feel i wont be able to do in my life..

  • Waaaaw. I've only just discovered this page ! And I just had to comment on your post, Ms. Larkascending. You've had this problem for all of your life and it never got better or went away ?! It really makes me feel hopeless at this point. :-( All of the things you've mentioned there (marriage, socializing, going out without barf bags etc,) it's exactly how it is for me as well. I'm 24 years. I've always had this nervous/nauseous feeling since high school but it hasn't been a big deal for me until recently. I have no idea why but it is a terrible thing. From a person who'd always go out with my friends to not being able to take one step out of my house. Any and everything makes me feel nervous which makes me VERY nauseous. For example, I went to the Passport office to renew my Passport, the minute I stepped into the room and saw all the people in there waiting, I immediately had to leave and run to the bathroom to be away from everyone. People and crowds and crowded rooms and eyes looking at me make me DIE. I have a dentist appointment next week, I've been putting that off for years now because how can I open my mouth for hours when I feel like this? but I am so nervous about it, I can't even eat. I wish there was something to make it all go away. :-( (hope you see this xx)

  • I am 65 years old and have also suffered with this all my life. Fortunately it is only at particularly stressful times and I recognise how stressed I must be when I try to clean my teeth in the morning. Thank you for the advice about motilium which I will try as I am struggling to work at the moment because of the sickness - it is not work related stress so I don't feel I can be off work with it.

  • You are not alone. I feel the same way sometimes...having a day like that today and going to see my therapist later. Can't even drive today...have to rely on a friend to take me this really sucks. Have a big event (concert) tomorrow night and don't think I will be able to make it..very disappointing. And I gate to be alone when I feel like this.

  • I hope you get on well with the CBT. I've had some too and my experience was similar to yours - it was good but didn't entirely address the problem. Maybe it just takes a long time to really change your deepest thoughts and feelings. I know, it is very hard! But hopefully we can all help each other too.

  • It helped me with surface problems and it did mate me feel better about myself and more confident in who I am, but it didn't address the anxiety so I am hoping this second lot may do. I feel like I am two different people - the person I was this morning felt like a fog was over my head and I couldn't see a way out of it, yet now I feel totally clear again and can't understand how I could have felt so different just a few hours ago. I don't understand where it comes from - like a nasty person sneaking up on you. It is easy for me to say now I won't let it take hold again like that but when it happens I can't stop it!

  • Thank you for all the feedback. I'm glad it isn't just me. Hope you all get what help you need soon and things start to get better. :)

  • i hate feeling sick, it just seems to make me more anxious. rather than taking meds i suck ginger travel sickness sweets from holland and barrett and i have sea bands that go on your wrist that i got from the chemist...........just a few ideas for you. x

  • Thanks. Yeah my mum uses both of those for travel sickness, thing is I don't like ginger. :/ I might give it another go though. Thanks for replying and giving the advice. :) much appreciated. x

  • Thank you for the ginger advice I think I have some ginger tea at home.

  • Okay you have just made my day .. i thought i was the only person on the planet that felt like this. I feel sick ALL the time gets worse in spells when i go out, but now it even feels like that when i'm at home. It's completely ruining my life. I can't do the things i used to enjoy .. i don't ever really go out. I have no appetite, even the smell of food makes me feel sick. Its aweful so i know how you feel. Just know that you are not alone (:

  • Hi,

    Feeling anxious and sick was part of my life for long time. It felt like a constant painful cramp in my stomach and it was effecting my breathing and eating. I was off solids for weeks and I lost a lot of weight during my worst time. I am a lot better now although far from complete freedom. I found the dissolving anxiety exercise working very good for me I still do it 2-3 times a week. I still feel anxious and sick after very busy days at work but at least I have something which helps.

  • Hello kwadi, I have just joined the site today and have come across your post dated 2-6-12 and can identify with your symptoms of sickness, stomach cramps and anxiety only too well. I have had recurring bouts of this and they seem to be occurring more and more frequently, I am very interested in the "dissolving anxiety" exercise you mention in your post, and would like to find out more about what it involves and how it works, as I have yet to find something really effective. Could you possibly furnish me with more information or where I can go to find out more.

    Many thanks in advance,

    Cheers, Mallet-head

  • its not just you huni, i wake in a morn i feel so sick the thought of facing another day its awful having to live like this , and the thoughts are always there at the back of my mind xx

  • I thought I was the only one that was physically sick. I went from a size 14 to 8 last year and I couldn't enjoy being that skinny because I was so damn anxious all the time and being that thin made me worry there was something more wrong with me.

    I can never eat or even drink when it's bad in the mornings when my anxiety is bad, through the day it can improve and I manage a bit of food but I live on bananas, egg and toast when I am like this. The last bout went and I put the weight back on but I am in a blip at the moment (since last week and counting) and appetite has gone again. :(

    Going for a brisk walk sometimes helps but just getting myself dressed and ready to go out is a mountain to climb as it is.

  • I was like you at one stage - anxious all day, nauseous, chest pains as well but a combination of SSRIs and CBT has been very helpful. Still get some bad days but often feel good now. Hope this helps

  • Thank You to everyone who's replied, it has put my mind at ease a lot and made me realize it isn't just me! Best wishes to everyone! :) xx

  • hi all

    im suffering bad right now, constant nausea feeling in back of my throat, can this really be my anxiety?

  • Yeah. That's the same as me. It sounds like it's your anxiety.

  • I feel sick every day all day. What makes it even more difficult is that I have a terrible phobia of being sick.

    It really gets me down, life doesn't seem worth living any more.

    @saindee I get a nausea feeling in my throat too. It's like I can't breathe properly.

  • Yeah. I am exactly the same as you. I thought I had emetephobia at first but It's actually just scared of embarrassing myself overall, including being sick. Yeah, I've got to a stage now where life is so rubbish. :/

    Hope you feel better soon.

  • I'm 23 and have been feeling constantly sick since i was 16. I also have a terrible phobia of being sick too. I'm currently waiting for counselling to hopefully get me over it. I've had the same thoughts as you.

    Its nice to know I'm not the only on who feels this way.

    I also have the sick feeling in my throat

  • i have been feeling constantly sick now since i was about 16, I'm 23 next week. Constantly feeling sick is awful and i know it seems stupid but its actually taken over my life, what makes it worse is that I also have a phobia of being sick which probably makes it ten times worse. I can't go shopping with my friends, or out for meals with them. i don't drink alcohol in case it makes me sick, and I am scared of getting pregnant because of the morning sickness even though i'd love to have a baby. I thought i was the only one feeling like this so its a big relief to see i'm not the only one. i'm waiting for counselling to hopefully get over it.

  • I'm sorry to hear that. yes i have the same phobia as you, sort of. I have social anxiety disorder but my major issue is this phobia of being sick. I think if I did not have it, I would be better. Yes you explain it well, everything you listed i am the same with, going out with friends, drinking, getting pregnant. No you aren't the only one and i'm also glad we aren't the only ones. I really hope it goes well for you, even the smallest change can help get you out a bit more. i had the same and now I can do a few more things I couldn't last year. Good luck, and best wishes. :)

  • I too have constant anxiety and fear. Try to pray and sometimes it helps and other times it doesn't. I go into a freeze.

    Then need energy worker to get out of it.


  • I'm a 23 year old male who knows what you're suffering through. I have always had stomach issues growing up (GERD). I played football and it always had me stressed and anxious. I never had problems with eating until my senior year of college. I had a full blown panic attack before our first team meeting and had to run to the bathroom to vomit. Ever since that day I live in a constant fear of triggering a panic attack. There are better days than others, but honestly 80% of my days are spent worrying if I will be able to eat. I have been diagnosed with a panic disorder, and started seeing a therapist but she does not yet understand the severity of my anxiety. Sometimes when I try and make myself eat I get to the point where I literally have to squirm around to make it through a meal. If it gets bad enough I will vomit. My mind races with thoughts "you can't eat this, no way" or "don't vomit don't vomit don't vomit". It's embarrassing that I can't go out with friends anymore, because I'm scared they will want to go to eat somewhere. What is a movie without dinner? My relationship life has taken a hit. I have developed depression because of this. I sometimes ask myself if it's worth it. However, I KNOW my life means something. I'm not a very religious guy, but I do believe everyone has a purpose in life. I'm a fighter, and though some people say fight anxiety, and some people say accept it, I know I will overcome it in some way. I research a lot of things when I'm in these states, and have looked into probiotics. Research shows that they reduce cortisone levels, which may help someone to relax. I'm at work now, but I plan to buy some when I get home. Also, eating wise I have to build myself back up after a bad panic attack. I start with saltines, half the cracker at a time. Take as long as you need to get them down, but just kinda munch on them here and there. Then I usually work my way up to chicken noodle soup (my current state) and when I really get to feeling good I try something like chicken, steak, potatoes, and veggies. Throughout my whole ordeal I have found that you MUST be patient with anxiety and gut problems. How you're feeling now does not dictate how you will feel in the future. Do small things to keep your mind off of not eating. That's the key, and even though (trust me I know) nothing ever sounds fun on an empty stomach, but you have to try. I've had days where I've almost took myself to the ER my depression was so bad from not being able to eat. I find a ray of light every time though. If you'd like to DM me and discuss things about anxiety, or if you ever need anyone to talk to I am here. Sometimes you just need someone that'll listen, or someone that understands you. A year ago you would have never found me on a forum, but my anxiety and depression have made me into such more beautiful human being.

    Stay strong


  • It would be good to talk to you. I am going through this right now and it's ruining my life.

  • Yes l do l left work because of stress. l can't work at the moment and the stress has effected my legs with tension and l have trouble walking. l can't go any where and panic if l get hungry l hate it

  • I feel sick especially when I've just eaten. X

  • I feel this way everyday. I have to eat inbetween nausea spells or I wont eat at all. The fact that most of my anxiety comes from a severe emetophobia makes it that much worse. Its a vicious cycle. I am looking into getting back in therapy to work on this. Maybe I will get an anti nausea med or different anxiety meds that will stop this feeling. Deep belly breathing helps sometimes but not every time. Sometimes my safe place isn't safe anymore. It sucks.

  • You're not the only one!! I've only started to feel this recently. I dont think theres anything physically wrong with me but whenever i think about being nauseous i feel incredibly sick. Now i'm too scared to eat in front of anyone or even go out just in case i get that feeling. If anyone found a solution to this please help!!!!

  • Its not just you i feel the same i cant even eat

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