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I have just discovered this site and it is so comforting to know that other people feel the same way. I have suffered anxiety on and off for approx 20years so you would think I could control it by now! Sadly that is not the case as I am going through a bad patch at the moment.I feel that there is constant tension all through my body and even though I know exercise is good I feel so tense that I almost feel that I cannot move. I have a very supportive husband but he says he is at a loss to be know what to do to help me . I get so distressed at times I am so afraid of bringing him down with me as he suffers with a heart condition. I look forward to talking with other people who feel the same because as several of you have said you feel so alone and as if you are the only person to feel like this.


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  • Hi I have just found the site. i was looking for some help with anxiety attack I am having. I have found that exercise helps me. Tidying and cleaning helps if i dont want to exercise it takes my mind of things. My anxiety started 2 years ago and its taking along time to get control .I do congegative therapy on line, and i try to think through situations.

    I hope this helps you

  • HI Thank you for your reply. I have tried to source cognitive therapy in my area but without success so I will try looking on line. I try to have positive thoughts but at the height of the anxiety I find it so hard to concentrate but I will continue to try

  • Hi, i suffer from GAD (Generalised Anxiety Disorder), and when you said that you "feel so tense that I almost feel that I cannot move." - i can totally connect with this, sometimes my whole body turns to jelly and tense at the same time, i can't really move and i'm frozen in this.. Anxiety bubble! and there's no chance of doing exercise at that moment because not only can you not really move, but your exercise is the last thing your thinking about because your mind is cycling through so many crazy thoughts that you can't even think straight! Wish i could get through this and feel as i used to feel. When or (IF) i go back to the way i used to feel, i'd appreciate it a hell of a lot more, even though its just feeling normal..

    Glad to know you feel comforted by the blogs etc on this site, i've only just recently joined and i'm finding it very reassuring now i know that its more common than i thought it was, feel less alone.


  • Thank you for your reply it is as though you were describing me. The articles I have read say that you can be tense or shaking so it is comforting to know that someone else can feel both at the same and that I am not going mad!! I hope we can both feel 'normal ' again soon

    I do look forward to reading these blogs as you say it makes you feel less isolated.

  • Hi i ma in the same sitution at the moment Anxiety taking over me this morning no one ot help me here feel scared i am trying to say this words to myself it's hard when your mind telling you different things i will keep on trying wont give up .. paula

  • Hi Paula50 I am sorry to hear that you are so frightened today. I know how terrifying it can be and I am not on my own. I saw a psycologist a few years ago and he wrote down on a card the words---"This is panic. It will not harm me." I still have it and even if I do not have it with me I try to visualise it. I know it is hard but as I have had some periods of relief I find it does help. I am glad you are determined like myself not to give up and hope we both will begin to feel more ' normal ' soon. I also find it helps writing these blogs so if you feel like contacting me again please do.

  • Hi Sealy , thank you for you reply , i did manage to calm down after a while thank god i am going to do the best i can to help myself now .I am going to have therepy soon which should help and also online stress managment help which i am waiting for to be sent to me via the internet ,i do want get on with my life as best i can i will write those words down on a card to so i can look at it and do the same as you ..thank you again Paula ..

  • Hi Paula I wish you all the luck in the world . Hope the words on the card help and also the therapy.

  • Hello, yes |I find these blogs very comforting, for me writing the feelings down is very helpful in itself. I have suffered with anx on and off for many years, about 30ish, some years bad and some others absolutely fine.

    I find socialising helps, keeping busy, and trying to learn to meditate - trying to get my mind to work in a 'dont react, keep calm, it will be ok you will see' way.

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