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New to group... Looking for advice

Hi all, I have been struggling with what I believe to be anxiety with panic attacks thrown in, I have never been diagnosed due to not wanting to be judged by a doctor or other professional. I have finally told my boss at work about my feelings and luckily they have been very supportive towards me which is was a great help. The only other person I have ever told about my condition is my soon to be hubby, he is supportive but I do feel he could do more. I don't think he fully understands how I feel at that moment, I have tried to talk to him about it and he tells me he understands but when I am panicking or worrying I feel like he wants me to get a grip. A lot of my feeling of unease happens when he goes out with his mates, I worry that something awful is going to happen to him when he is out or that when he gets home he will be ill or possibly be sick in the night... (he is currently out at the moment). Their are many other things that I worry about i.e Work, My up coming Wedding, Finances ect..

My partner has told me that I should see someone about my condition to get help but then I worry once again, don't want my doctor to think I am just being silly or even Weak. It took me a year and a half to tell my work worrying that they would feel the same, the only reason I finally told them was because I didn't make it into work for a couple of days due to worrying. I'm only 26 and I worry that people will tell me 'at your age what have you got to worry about'!!!!

I do hope that this group will help me face up to my possible condition and any advice would be greatly appreciated..


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Hi SoontoBeMrsRoberts, this is one of the most exciting times of your life with your upcoming wedding plans and yes finances. The anxiety you are experiencing is quite normal at this time of your life. What is anxiety are the panic attacks you are getting. We have to be careful to distinguish the difference. I believe that you worry about your husband getting hurt or sick because you feel at this time you would be unable to care for one more person besides yourself right now. As for thinking a doctor might look down at you or ridicule is out of the question. This may be the right time to set up an appointment especially if you haven't in a while. Of course, we are all here to support you as you go through your anxious moments. Take care x


When I think about my wedding I am so happy and cant wait for the day to arrive, but even sat here typing this I am in tears and feel that I have no one I can talk too. I know that I will be up most of the night waiting for him to come home, their is a big chance that I will get so worked up that I will also be sick.. I just feel like their is no coming out the other end


I understand. Loving someone so much you can't help but worry about them. You do know however that getting worked up will eventually make you sick. I'm sure your husband to be wouldn't want that. Is there something you can do to keep busy while he is gone? You say you have no one to talk with, any friends your age who may be going through the same? You will come out the other end. This is the beginning of a wonderful new life for you. I wish I could make you believe. x


Sounds so familiar. Everyone here is great to talk to! Its so much needed advice . I'm struggling myself as we speak but I pray for your strength and mine that everything gets better!


It will dear, it will.... xx


Im new as well, this site has helped TREMENDOUSLY for me. It is honestly a blessing. I felt alone before and the support is everything!

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