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Member appreciation of the day Agora1

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I would like to take the time and graciously thank Agora1 for all you have done and continue to do for everyone on this community!

You have impacted a ton of people and I know a ton of people including myself have impacted you.

We thank you for your wise words and knowledge from being a former paramedic this post is for those who have been greatly impacted and would like to show appreciation to you agora!

Please ladies and gentlemen take the time and say thank you to agora for all the help he/she has provided you with

I think making posts to show appreciation and our gratitude that members who have helped impact us or shed some light on our darkest days

Everytime I see a like from you I instantly know your gonna respond very shortly or later on just to gather your thoughts and its always the first thing I look forward to seing when I create new posts

I think every monday and friday I will try my best to take a little time and create a positive post about a member who has gone above and beyond to help one or many people on this community

Feel free to do it as well guys i may not have the same help from yhe people you have had so GIVE EM SOME LOVE ❤️👌🏽

Agora keep doing you! Keep blessing this community with love and powerful positivity and wisdom in helping us get through our darkest days and one step closer to fighting anxiety!

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kev, as always you got me to respond to your post. I never know what to expect from you, this one is quite humbling but appreciated. I wouldn't be here if I didn't want to be. I try my best to respond through my own experience but know that I also learn from the responses back from others. This forum only works because it is a two way street. Thank you for your confidence in me and I hope to see others names mentioned as well. It helps knowing that we support each other in a beneficial way. There are so many people who need to be recognized on this forum including yourself. (I'll have to do that appreciation :)

Thanks again. I feel like I won an Oscar and should thank all the people who made this possible. The last thing I'd like to say is "kev, did you have to start with me?" lol

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Ab2009 in reply to Agora1

Big thank you and appreciation for all your effort Agora1, you are simply a great person, having passion to help all of us!

I feel always empowered after reading all your post, either replying to me or to others! Bless you and do not leave us!

I am here for you too anytime xxx

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kevoreally in reply to Agora1

I had to start with you absolutely!

Well said. Couldn’t agree anymore.

An angel 😇 from heaven.

I'll raise a glass to that 🥂 love Agora1 💛 Sometimes I come across a post of someone in need & want to help, but at a lost of the words... then I see Agora1 has them (the right words). I am so glad you are here with your wisdom & sweetness. Letting us know we are not alone & together we will beat this. Hugs❣

Kev, thank you for your beautiful pictures.... I know they remind me to just take a moment, breathe & enjoy the beauty around us 💛

Hope everyone has a peaceful night

I second this!! 🙌

Quite agree .

Thank you Agora 1 xxxxxxxxxx

Although a newbie here Agora has helped me a lot. Gave me the confidence to get in my car again. Such a simple bit of advice that my befuzzled brain couldnt think of on its own in its present state. Thanks xx (and to everyone else who has got me through this horrible time) xx

Thank you Agora1!!

In one day Agora1 does more good than all the politicians in the world do in a lifetime. Where would we be without her.

Agora is one in a million literally! We are all lucky to have her on this forum! She gives and gives every single day. Thanks so much Agora, and Kev, you're a great help too! You bring humor and great suggestions to us all!

Yes! Agora, you have overcome anxiety, and we thank you for taking your time to care about those of us still struggling.

Yes! I love her! From day one she’s been my biggest supporter and cheerleader. I always wait for her to comment because she gives the best advice. She’s my anxiety Bff! Even my family knows my anxiety friend “Agora” 😇💎

I approve this message :) Agora1

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