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A new member to anxiety/depression

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Hi all I'm Martin, currently 17 years of age unemployed, I have just recently experienced migraines with symptoms of fainting,dizziness and weakness which I have had the whole of September, I believe the migraines went away 2nd of October which has made me very very relived, yet I didn't know why I was feeling very weak after it, few days have gone by I have started to worry more and have mild tension headaches, then a day after of having those headaches I started to shake when I went to sleep which has worried me so much I started to become emotional, I have then continued having different symptoms such as a falling sensation when ever I try to close my eyes and fall asleep as well as feeling my heart beating more than usual, but also feeling very full and congested with my stomach. I also feel constantly dizzy and tired throughout the day. I had never experienced anything like this at all , all my life I have been healthy growing up its just recently that these migraines set off and after the migraines passed I'm starting to worry more about these symptoms I'm having currently, I don't know weather this is anxiety attacks or even depression. I have talked to a doctor and they are willing to put me on a CT scan to prove that I haven't got a brain tumour which I did think I would have as the symptoms are similar. Any feedback on this post would be greatly appreciated as I don't know if many people experience the same symptoms as me.

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Hi Martin, and welcome to this site :-) you don't sound depressed to me (but I'm not a doctor) you do sound like you have anxiety though and I don't blame you migraines are scary I hate having a headache it freaks me out, but have the CT scan it will put your mind at rest then hopefully you won't see them as been dangerous, a lot of people suffer with them and at 17 it could just be a hormone thing and will pass :-) good luck :-)

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Martin007 in reply to Whizz4

Ahh right okay! Yeah I will take the CT and see how the results go, I really do hope this anxiousness fades as I was a very confident and outgoing person but this is slowly changing that!:( but thank you for replying greatly appreciate you advise and info!

- Martin

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Whizz4 in reply to Martin007

Well don't let it change you your young I'm sure as health as can be so enjoy leave the worrying till your older believe me I've spent my whole live worrying , and for what?? I'm 32 still here but able to handle it better when it does come on but I just say yeah I've a pain here and there , SO WHAT!! Ha ha get back to the person you were , and say to yourself its natural to worry every now and then no big deal xx

Hello.. I have all the symptoms you have plus more. I ve had many test done and was reassured that I am healthy.. Its hard to understand whats going on but the more you educate yourself the better you will understand. I will start therapy this week with a phycologists and we will see if I need medication. What helps me with anxiety is to keep my self bussy and just focus on any activity.. I color or listen to music.. I'm planning on starting yoga at home.. Jjst keep going and dont give up..

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Martin007 in reply to Patittos_

Hi first of all thank you for replying onto this post it just makes me feel a bit less anxious that I'm not alone suffering with these horrible symptoms! I thought to my self that if I do start medication it is all chemicals which aren't so good for your body? I dont know yet weather to stay off medication and try some therapies as you are or do both. But you are right I found out that if I keep my self concentrated enough throughout the day it usually fades for few minutes, I have also started to think about joining the gym and do yoga the same as you! I wish you the best of luck!

- Martin

Ho love I have the falling sensation that makes my body shake and heart beat faster. It happens to me whenever I worry about something, its your bodies way of telling you your under too much stress, aweful as they are and scary try not to worry too much. Have that scan and put your mind at rest. You'll find the falling feelings will dissipate xxx mandy😊

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Martin007 in reply to sgbmandy

Hi Mandy, thank you for replying, and yes that's right! I can hardly sleep with this falling sensation I used to fall asleep around 11-12 but now I am up till 3-4 o'clock in the morning it is horrible!! I do worry more now as its abnormal and unusual but I have heard that these symptoms cannot kill you, it might be unpleasant but at least it can't do any harm which has lowered of how many times I used to shake:) I will have the CT scan done soon so hopefully the results come back negative, thank you again and I wish you good luck too!

- Martin

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sgbmandy in reply to Martin007

Had them years love and they do freak you out when they happen, its not the sensation people get when falling of a kerb its like you've been dropped from a great height at speed, the feelings you get afterwards is your body believing its really happened and goes into panick mode. Can happen several times a night, sleep deprivation can cause it too. I hope everything goes well for you let me know, I think once you've got that off your mind you'll not have them, when and if thwy do come back I know I need to deal with my worries 1by 1 and they go again, good luck sunshine, xxx Mandy 😉

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Leah234 in reply to sgbmandy

I ve gone for ct crania scan and nothing was seen. Is it possible for anything to be hidden in my head as d scan was done with me lying on my back but my pain comes from d back of my head. So could something be hiding there? My head is so heavy with pain bck of my head.

17 is such a young and troublesome age. The symptoms you describe fit the mould of a classic migraine which for people who suffer from them can be completely debilitating. You hear people saying that they have a migraine when really all they have is a bad headache. Real migraines can be so intense that, at times, all you feel is removed from anything and everything. I can recall my Mother having to spend days in bed unable to do anything during her migraine attacks. I would take up your GP's invitation to a CT which, if nothing else, might reassure you that you have nothing organically wrong with you. Worrying about these things could quite easily turn into anxiety (sometimes with depression) which makes your mind think that you have all manner of things wrong with you when really there is nothing wrong. Has your GP ever mentioned a session of CBT? If you can address your problems at the age of 17 then you will have a better life. You have decades in front of you and they can be ruined by your health issues at the moment if you do not do something positive about them. I wish you well, my friend.


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Martin007 in reply to jrcnpg

Hi I was 110% positive for migraines before back in September as I have never experienced such pain in my head ever, I got so frightened by it I was constantly fainting and felt really weak but I had only 3 symptoms which were intense headache very severe type where, literally even sound and light would bother me, and also tiredness which resulted in me fainting and getting stressed so I knew that I definitely had migraines because even I couldn't get out of bed I was constantly inside my house, now after September where my medication had got rid of the migraine, I am now thinking that these symptoms I have currently lead to anxiety attacks, which is probably continuing from the migraines, I don't know yet as I am booked in for a CT scan with the doctors but I'm hoping for the best! Thank you for your reply!!

- Martin

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jrcnpg in reply to Martin007

Reaction to sound and light are both signs of real migraines and you must go through agony when you have your attacks. Medication is the only answer to that but from what I can gather getting the right medication is something of a trial and error. Your anxiety issues are probably related directly to your migraines and, should you not be one of those people who resolutely refuse to take any kind of medication whatsoever, medication can be given to you to tackle your issues. As I said, 17 is such a vulnerable age, hormones, insecurities, a sense of not being connected with any other human being or the world in general...if you get yourself feeling well now then your life will not be impacted by these issues. I wish you all the best, my friend.


That's exactly how I feel each passing day. My doctor prescribed orphenadrine 35mg and was a bit relieved. Right now is still feel heaviness and hotness in my head even my eyes hurts. Am really fed up with d whole thing. Just hoping on God. I know one day all this will be over not for me alone but all of us. No resident of God's kingdom will say, I am sick". Isaiah 33:24.

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Martin007 in reply to Leah234

Hi Leah, it is a horrible illness I'm hoping you and I can get through this with gods help too, God be with you!! Thank you for replying too!!

- Martin

Unfortunately sunshine I don't get your symptoms of migraine, I just get the flashing. Lights like someone is shining a mirror in your eyes zigzagged that I can only see half of everything, I don't get headaches or sickness, just flashes which are another symptom of migraines, its an awefull thing to experience. Hope you feel well soon xx mandy😊

When I was 17 I was diagnosed as having migraines. It turns out it wasn't in fact migraines, it was anxiety. I had all the symptoms you have. I was even afraid to leave the house for 3 months. I started seeing a counselor and things got better. Hope they get better for you too.

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Martin007 in reply to nylandmmy

Hi, I truly believe I had migraines in the past as the symptoms were very different to what I am currently experiencing which I think is anxiety attacks, I tried to leave the house today and I couldn't because I was afraid of the symptoms I would have but I have now realised that these symptoms only come if my mind is free to think, when I'm busy or when I'm spending time with someone it goes but when I'm on my own in the night or during the day it comes back, but now I'm joining the gym and will try out Yoga too see if that helps, thank you for your reply my friend!

- Martin

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