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Hi there, I'm new to the site so thought I would share my experience. I have suffered with Generalized Anxiety for about seven years now, my symptoms seemed to come from nowhere while on holiday. I had what I now to know to be a panick attak while in my hotel room. For the next three days I was unable to leave the hotel. For the next six months I felt totally out of controll and feared that I was going insane. I had horrible thoughts and constant fear of everything. I tried to cope with this on my own but failed miserably. In the end my GP prescribed Paroxatine 20mg. I remained on this for years finally tapering of them the Christmas past. I did a great job coming of the paroxatine but sadly all my symptoms returned and for 5and a half weeks I have been back on the paroxatine and am waiting for the full effects to start. Anxiety is a terrible burden but it's a comfort to know I'm not alone. Xx

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Hello, I'm new here too and also glad not to be alone. I can relate to everything you're saying about anxiety and fearing that you're going insane. I hope the medication works for you and that things improve soon.


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