I found this site today , I'm 52 , and recently moved away from my family and friends and got married , I thought it was a happy time in my life at last , but after the honeymoon , wham dizziness , nausea head and ear pressure . 12 weeks and many visits to the doctor . It's stress ,I've had anxiety and agoraphobia all my life , but still I was shocked as I have never had these symptoms . I normally know and accept when I am stressed and have associated it with bad things in my life , I know I left my family behind but I'm now married and happy . So obviously good changes can affect us as well as bad ones . My doc put me on propranolol 40 mg 3 times a day and for a week or two I thought I was cured but it's back again . It's very hard to cope with feeling so unwell day after day and I imagine these symptoms alone cause me plenty of stress , when the nausea and dizziness came back I could have cried .just at the prospect of more months of misery feeling like crap .

How on earth am I supposed to live my life like this . I've been married for just 17 weeks and I've felt dreadful for about 14 of those ...I just want to get on with the rest of my life , I'm sure nobody can really understand how horrible this is , well unless like us you've suffered with it ........ I get fed up hearing myself moaning about how horrible I'm feeling .....lol I'm usually busy and quite happy when theses episodes appear out of nowhere , it's not like I'm sad to unhappy or stressed out .

Moan over ....... Thankyou for taking the time out to read my really long moan haha


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  • Evening Carol, I have just read your message on how you have felt. Have you ever been a Carer for either your mum or dad.

  • Hi there , no I've never been a carer , my parents are both in good health ,

  • Well it does sound like its anxiety you have and you said you have suffered most of your life?? I have also .. but you have made a big change in your life so understandable its brought on your anxiety on,but the dizziness and nausea are the first signs of anxiety so did you not know by your symptoms that's what it was ?? I always know when mine flares up like you when stressed and so on the first thing you should do is go back on what you did the first time you over came it ( I'm just assuming you did before,I could be wrong) so what did you do or how did you reassure yourself back then ?? And don't get to upset and wound up when you feel like this "I know its hard not to" but the more you think about it and worry its going to make you feel worse , maybe your doctor could refer you on to see someone .. Good luck :-)

  • Hi there . I've had anxiety all my life and I've had a lot of unhappy stressful times to deal with , but this is the very first time I've ever had this dizziness nausea and pressure in my head and ears ......never have I experienced anything like it , that's why I argued with my doctor .....stress it can't be stress I've had stress all my life but never felt so dreadfully physically ill , depressed , down , sad , unhappy , lack of interest in anything , palpitations headaches no appetite etc ,, but never have I felt so unwell ......I have GAD ,social phobia and agoraphobia . I told the doctor I recognise when I'm stressed I accept it and deal with it , he said he had never in all his life seen a more anxious looking person .....lol I didn't recognise that I was stressed to be honest and that's not normal , I did tell my new hubby it was odd that I hadn't had a melt down over the massive life changes though ..... Obviously I was experiencing it big time .

  • You poor thing, anxiety gives us so many different symptoms all at once , its like when you ignore one symptom ten more pop up that's the worst about it. Maybe when things settle down you might get back to yourself again try meditation or listening to relaxing music helps I find or a good book on anxiety I'm reading brilliant one at moment there's loads on amazon :-) good luck x

  • Thanks for your reply Carol. Like you had stated both parents are in good health. I am glad to hear this. As for yourself have you ever been put under a lot of pressure while you were working?

  • I've replied to another post about dizziness just this morning. I know exactly how you feel. Different symptoms for different people. many years ago when I first experienced anxiety i had palpitations, tight chest etc., back then, but this time it's the dizziness and balance issues that have manifested. I see anxiety as the body's way of getting our attention to say 'do something about your stress' to make changes in our life or the way we manage the stress in it. If it wasn't getting you attention with one symptom it will produce another. I have had a ton of stress in recent years, caring for 2 elderly parents, my daughter and grandchildren moved in with me and I support another family member with their needs. We sometimes don't realise how much we have on our plate. Marriage is in the top ten of lifechange stressors. I imagine you had some degree of preparation before hand organising your wedding, too.

  • Hi I suffer with anxiety quiet bad to be honest for a while now ive had like a vertigo thing going off it used to bother me but I've got used to it. As my anxiety gets worse so does my balance. I get bad stomach and like a weird feeling up my throat it gets me down. I've had lots of symptoms and been to doctors and they keep saying it's anxiety. I'm starting cbt in November hopefully this will help me. It might be a thing for you to try it works for alot of people. I hope you start to feel better soon.

  • Hi and congrats on your wedding. You sounds like me, v busy and convinced I am not stressed at all until I see a doc and they ask what's going on in my life and I list about thirty giant things without even getting started yet... Any one of which would have flattened another person.

    Be as gentle with yourself as you can. easy for me to say I know! It's hard to know which of all the things going on might be the last straw, but people in here are v supportive and we have all known the frustration of wanting a do called normal life.

    Hope you're feeling better soon.

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