Hello everyone!

Haven't posted in a while. I would like to say that I am doing some what better but still have my days thats for sure! Just had surgery 5 days ago.. had my gallbladder out and my appendix! Kinda have anxiety about the whole thing cause of the physical symptoms I feel... but I think once this is all over and I'm all healed that I will be much better.Hope everyone is doing well 😊


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  • Hi! So nice to see you stop in. I hope you heal well, God bless you dear. πŸ˜ŠπŸ€—πŸ˜™ I can only imagine how that may have caused some anxiety. Be well.

  • Hope your healing will be fast and comfortable

  • Hello hope you're healing well . I was told I have gallstones and I feel like I have a lot of digestive issues where there any other problems that you had with your gallbladder other than pain because I really don't have pain but I feel like I'm gassy a lot heartburn and my bowel movements aren't really Brown. This makes me worry that something else is wrong with me The only reason why I know I have gallstones is because I had a CAT scan in June and I had I guess bacterial or viral infection that caused a swollen lymph node in my intestine. anyway they said it wasn't obstructing anything just because it's not could your gallbladder still act up ?

  • Well I had my gallbladder out because mine didn't function right and it was causing me pain. I had some issues going to the bathroom but that's only because my food didn't digest right due to my gallbladder not functioning right. Other than that I wouldn't really know. I had a lot of stomach pains as well. But that's because my appendix was inflamed. I would ask your doctor to send you for more testing!

  • Oh I also struggle with gas and I have GERD. My stomach produces a lot of acid which I take medicine for. Try some gas x.. it helps me sometimes!

  • How about being nauseous? Or feeling like your food wasn't going down?

  • Yes somedays I did feel sick. Some days I actually did puke. I had a pressure feeling as well like around my chest area. Where the stomach would be

  • Thanks that's how I'm feeling. Was your stone actually blocking anything ? I also have burning in my stomach and lots of heartburn. How are you feeling now after the surgery?

  • I am doing okay! Thanks for asking 😊 Had a check up today and he said everything looks great. But I came down with a cold so now my body is sore and I'm all stuffy and everything 😷😝 I had a lot of heart burn and acid which they put me on meds for. I take them everyday. Also eating better can sometimes make a huge difference. I didn't actually have any stones. My gallbladder wasn't functioning right at all which caused a ton of problems.

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