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Exam Anxiety

Giving an exam is a rather stressful and anxious situation. Once i felt so anxious, that my mind went totally numb and blank. I "recovered" with ten minutes to spare. I'd hate it to happen to anyone ever! How do you deal with this? I try to calm down my nerves by imagining myself filling balloons with my anxiety and letting the balloon go. It works for me, thankfully.

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I had the same thing, although I did just try and 'blag' the exam for as long as possible and write as much as I could. I never found a technique but I now have a seperate 'quiet room' allowed. Although this is actually more like running away from it, but it helps me a lot. The balloon technique sounds good, i'll try that in future. :)


I used to find exams terrifying because of the uncertainty surrounding them and anticipating the worst case scenario where I wouldn't know the answer to a question. I found that if I re-created the exam condition under timed conditions using previous years papers that I could practice mananging my anxiety so the real exam wasn't so nerve-wracking. I hope this information helps.


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