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I'm overwhelmed with the issues that anxiety brings during PMS . Along with the typical issues, I get panic attacks , it's hard for me to inhale & exhale properly , without getting this anxious feeling in my gut, I grind my teeth more , etc,. I'm getting sleep & trying to relax but these issues are annoying .i know if I make some ginger tea , I'll be good. I hate this anxious feeling in my stomach tho & I'm not literally anxious about anything but it's still bothering me 😒


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  • I feel your pain....that is how I first started getting panic attacks! I noticed that a few days before my menstrual cycle I would start feeling anxious, until one day it got so bad and I had my first panic attack. Things went downhill from there. Tried a number of treatments that didn't work. I was anxious most of the time now. Was referred to psychiatrist, she tried all sorts of meds. After some time she concluded that I should see a gynecologist as she thought the problem was hormonal. Which is what I had been saying to the number of doctors I had seen from the get go. The Ghana tried me on SSRI's which was a nightmare for me, as I reacted so badly to all of them. It made everything worse. Long story short...I had heard about CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) through all of my research and decided to give it a try. I came off all meds except for clonozapam. Stayed on a very small dose and went for the therapy. It helped me emensely. Also taught me breathing techniques, tapping and how to cope. I no longer have panic attacks. Still get anxious occasionally especially when time for my cycle. But I can cope with it now. Just have a conversation with myself when I feel anxious, along the lines of.....You know what this know why it is happening etc and just talk myself down. My Faith also kept me strong. I know CBT won't work for everyone, but it might be worth a try. I also found that keeping myself as informed about this disease as possible, also helped a lot. I am always open to hearing about new remedies, techniques, therapies etc. especially anything natural. So anyone reading this please share. Just remember you are not alone out there xoxo

  • I feel like mine is hormone related too. Ive made a diary and so far there is a pattern and seem to be at my most calm from days 12-24. I want to her my levels checked but I'm not sure they take us anxiety people serious. I also think the word anxiety is wrong because I'm not scared about anything, the symptoms just start. On my symptom free days I cannot induce anxiety 😕

  • Keeping a diary of your menstrual cycle is a great idea. I do the same thing...that way I have an idea as to when I might start feeling anxious and I am not caught off guard. I find I have the anxiety symptoms around ovulation too. So you might want to take note of that.

  • It depends on my month. Most months I feel pretty good mid cycle until a week or a few days before my next cycle. I just think if it is my hormones then surely they can test them. My husband is an endocrinologist and I'm going to mention it.

  • Well lucky you....that is exactly who you need to see. Have a chat with him, and get him to run some tests. I would ask to do the tests when your symptoms are actually happening or at their worst. Because I am no doctor, but trying to think logically....I would imagine tests can come back normal if we are not actually having the symptoms we experience. If that makes sense. Lol.

  • I am the same way! My gyno agrees it can definitely happen. I am super anxious around ovulation and a couple days before my period starts. She told me to try taking Omega 3-6-9 to help with it. I've taken it 2 months and have not noticed a difference, but it so quite annoying!

  • I was thinking I may have to change my food regimen too. :/

  • At least you are lucky enough to have a gynecologist that has recommended something a little natural, instead of just putting you on SSRI's anti depressants. That is what happened to me. She suggested anti depressant to treat it. I tried explaining that I was in no way depressed but she insisted this is the way it is treated. So I listened. I had such terrible reaction to the meds. I ended up in hospital and horrifically made my symptoms so much worse. Went back to gynecologist and she said lest try a different pill. Had the same reaction only worse the second time. Thought I was a gonner for sure, felt like I was dying. Never went back to her again. Unfortunately the experience has now given me such a fear of medications. Terrified to take anything a doc prescribes. It's a bloody nightmare! Lol. All we can do is soldier on and find what works for us. I never give up.

  • lady need understand some get up set lot it body way get red bad new need hug in a lot

  • I pray you will feel. Better soon. =/

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