Forgetfulness with anxiety

Does anyone else get very forgetful when they are anxious. I'm struggling with putting names to faces sometimes with the customers in work, and with other things. This didn't happen before I started suffering from anxiety, and of course my silly anxious head is making me think I have early on set dementia, something else to obsess about!!! I am only 25 and would like to know if anyone else out there has the same problem.


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  • Hi Ya,

    I have a similar thing and it is the anxiety and I find if there is too much gong on in my head then that is where it all kicks off, don't add to your worries, you are fine ☺

  • yes i forget all the time , it feels like im going mad sometimes. i put somethig down one minuet then ive completly forget ware iv put it, my husband is used to helping me to look for things, he cuddles me when i cry witch iis quite offten.

  • NOT TO WORRY !! Yes, yes, anxiety does cause forgetfulness. I fact years ago when I was 19 years old I worked in a bank opening new accounts . I had such a panic attack that I became so worked up I forgot every name of every person I worked with in the bank including my best friend who got me the job. Fast forward years later I have anxiety and depression. I am very forgetful and have been for years. Don't drive yourself crazy with worry. Just let it go. Your fine.

  • Yes I have major memory and concentration issues it's really annoying!

  • As people have already said - for many of us anxiety and forgetfulness goes hand in hand - anxiety has a way of working on your most vulnerable areas. There are things you can do to help with memory and there are many apps available to help focus your brain. In effect you will be playing a game, but games that require brain co-ordinaton and memory. It also works as a distraction technique. The ones I use are BLENDOKU, World Citizen, NUMBERFUL - all free to download. I also do jigsaw puzzles, which of course requires concentration and co-ordination.

  • No, I don't have that problem with my anxiety. However, the more you obsess about something the worst it gets. Try not to worry about all. We all forget sometimes.

  • Thank you so much for the feedback folks. I love this forum because it lets you know that you aren't alone, and really puts your mind at rest 😊

  • Yes,I can't find the the right words for what I'm trying to say and I'm forgetting things also. Sometimes I'm scared that I'm losing my mind

  • I have been very forgetful, and it has certainly been winding me up a lot :( I thought I had something alot worse than Anxiety/Depression. We overload our minds when we are so cautious. Hence why I eventually let it out, by being Irritable, Angry, Frustrated, and Upset. This of course, causes Memory Loss :( Write down what happens etc', and it may take a weight off your shoulders.

  • I'm 45 so I can imagine the reasons I am so forgetful.

  • yes im always very forget full i think im going mad ur not alone we could help eachother if ud like ☺

  • Yeah I have been forgetful lately and been scared I have a brain tumor. But of course it's just anxiety but it's still scary to think about. I'm young so it makes it even more scary.

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